Our favorite day of Kevin's visit was when we went to the
Polynesian Cultural Center.
If you ever come to Oahu you must go there.
We rode a canoe with a guide who kept calling us "cousin"
We watched a fire-dancer.
We saw a Japanese man attempt to play Samoan drums. Hilarious.
We went to a luau,
and watched a beautiful night show with exotic dancers.
We ate way too much pineapple sorbet.
Oh yeah and we had a lot of fun.
But that is probably obvious.

Are you tired of these posts of Kevin's visit?
Because I'm not :)

p.s. I was a runner up for Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent's chance to go to Paris. :( I'm so sad I didn't win but I am a runner up! They featured me today. Click here to check me out.


Laura Marie said...

No! I know exactly how you feel. :)
Mands I need you to tell me how to make my blog cute. I like what you've done to yours. How many days until you see him again? maybe 17? ;)

Heather said...

Mands, I LOVE the PCC! Ever since I went there for my first time when I was 6 I wanted to go back there and be a dancer! Unfortunately, even with a wig on, I would never be able to pass as polynesian! And, your Paris thing, I didn't know about this, I want to hear more about it! Congrats on being a runner-up, I checked it out! You should have won! Love you, and I will love seeing your pretty face in a month!

Michelle said...

I wonder if the PCC is where I fell asleep on the floor and my parents put a turtle shell on my back and socks (as their feet) over my hands and took pictures on our vacation in Hawaii when I was about 4....

and I am definitely *not* getting sick of the kevin posts! You guys are way cute together!

Brittany said...

I love what you wrote about Paris. Congrats, lady! Also loving the new look :)

7upkels said...

oh all your posts looks like you had so much fun. reminds me of my week with max a couple years ago! glad you guys got to do so many things together!!

Lizzy said...

Aah that looks so fun! Totally jealous.

anna said...

wow! seriously WOW! you are so talented! i love your blog. thanks for visiting ours.


anna said...

p.s. i sooo love hawaii!! so jealous right now.