Did you know, my favorite character in Little Women isn't even Jo? It's Beth. And I claim I love strawberries when really I would choose a tomato over one any day. I am more afraid of birds than spiders, and when I talk to myself when I'm alone, it's always in a British accent. I don't think I'll ever get old, at least I never plan on it and my greatest fear is never being able to write the multitude of books in my head. Did you know that sometimes I have communist thoughts? Because I do. I never want to own a cat, and my favorite color is green like the grass on a well-watered soccer field. I despise poor grammar and all I want for Christmas this year is my own air-popper popcorn machine but I'm too embarrassed to ask for it. I'm sick of learning about the constitution because I feel like that's all I've done in college. I want to live in the country someday with rambling fields and once - just once - spent a day from dawn until dusk reading Cold Mountain again, and using my sleeve to blow my nose when Inman dies. Someday I think I'll run out of blood because I don't think I have enough. In my head I am still eleven years old. I still feel the urge to build forts sometimes. I sing the Star Spangled Banner in the shower. Go fish.


Ryannnn said...

I knew you were afraid of birds, but I thought strawberries were your #1... Guess I learn new things about you everyday :)

Ryannnn said...

P.S. - I love your british accent ;)

Lizzy said...

this is why I love you Mands. But I already got you a popcorn maker for Christmas.. did you not like it? I won't be offended, you can just tell me.