I am sort of obsessed with something lately: babies. I went to a ward party with my parents in Connecticut and the whole time I was holding someone's baby. I held Clara, Paolo, Mischa, etc. Except the whole time I was wishing I had my own baby. I don't really want a husband, I just want a baby. I don't really want a toddler and definitely don't want a teenager, but I do want a baby. It doesn't help that with all the NYC shopping we went into baby Gap, Anthropologie, and some other tres chic baby boutiques. I don't mean to sound strange, but I do want a baby. Just not all of the unnecessary pieces that accompany one.


Post- Thanksgiving Gratitude

I am grateful for a lot of things, and have so much to be grateful for! Here are some of the things and people I am grateful for:

1. Music. LOVE IT! My recent favorites: Coldplay, Coldplay, Coldplay, Debussy, Ryan Adams, Nickel Creek, and Taylor Swift.

2. Family. I love love my family. I had the best break ever with my sisters and was so happy to see Lacey, Drew and Emmy! I also love having classes with Missy and Jess and seeing them almost everyday.

3. Reading. Obviously... I am pretty obsessed with books but I am very grateful for them. My current reads: The Book of Mormon, Jesus the Christ, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and Good Poems (by Garrison Keillor)

4. Good friends! I have the best friends in the world. Shout out to Liz, Laura, Chrissy, Becca, Ryan, James and Ashley. (and of course all of my other friends) Love you guys!

5. Little Kids. My all time favorites: Callie, Taylor, Emmy, and the four kids I nanny- Sophie, Nick, Cade and Zach. I am so excited to see them this week.

6. Prayer. I know I can access Heavenly Father any time, anywhere. Even if I knew for some reason He wasn't listening I would do it for me. Luckily, I know He is.

Happy late Thanksgiving!