Untamed Petals

I am seriously obsessing over the styling from the new launch of Untamed Petals.
Every day I keep going back to look at their photos.
Pure fashion inspiration.



my space
your space
his space
her space.

(dr. seuss has got nothing on me)

hey kev-friend?

i love thinking about our space.



even though nothing is ever perfect,
because people aren't,

i would rather have things be not perfect with you,
than not perfect with anyone else.



I just uncovered this gem of a video from when Kevin and I went parasailing in Waikiki.
The quality is terrible, and I was reminded how annoying our guide was,
But it still makes me smile every time I watch it.


missing hawaii

during finals week,
when kevin is buried in neuro-anatomy and chemistry,
i miss hawaii.
where we held hands 92% of the day,
ate pineapple for all 3 meals,
and made up for months apart.


august 14th

four months from yesterday.
i will have a husband.
and i will be a wife.
to my favorite person

august 14th.
don't miss it.


pretty things

with so many things
to do.
and so many places to be.

i want to fill my life with pretty things.


this is just to say

if my life were a book,
it would be a book of poems,
with the occasional broadway musical
and harmonics in high places.

a short, yet complex piece
wherein i am the heroine
despite my lack of courage.

and in this book
there are episodes of calm,
and longer stretches of tired.
but always, there is love.

this book ends happily,
(because the author is
the one who chooses
those things).

and the author is me.
and the book is my life.

photo via


easter gift

Some girls like to receive flowers,
Or chocolate,
Or diamonds.

I like to receive words
(poems particularly).
This was my Easter gift from Kevin,
found beneath my pillow.

(how i know he knows me)


7 minutes

These seven minutes changed me.
p.s. Congratulations Ashley.
I couldn't be happier for you.