Temple Beach

Welcome to my favorite beach.
I come here roughly 4-5 times a week.
I read Tennyson, and Emily Bronte, and Joseph Heller on this beach.
The sand is white and the ocean is stunning and the wind calms me down.

And sometimes I feel like anything can happen.



You guys, I want you to meet Kevin.
He is my friend.

He studies neuroscience, and political science books.

He makes me laugh every day.
(And he doesn't even have to try)

He shops for designer clothes on eBay, and he plays on a football team.

He tells me stories in Spanish, and plays truth or dare with me even though we're far apart, and listens to my long stories.

He volunteers at a hospital where he plays with little kids.
He is so cool like that.

Someday he is going to be a doctor.

(And I really really like him)
Like, a lot.
And I just wanted you to meet him.



Hikes that require:
  • Swimming a quarter mile each way through coral
  • Rock climbing cliffs in flip flops and a swimming suit
  • Balancing on life-threatening rock bridges
  • Sweating in mid-day Hawaii sun
Are always worth it.
When this is the view from the top.

Aren't you lucky?
I saved you all the work.



After working at JCrew this summer I fell in love with their casual style.
However, their newish sister store Madewell I maybe like even more.
Targeting a younger audience, their jeans fit perfectly, and their boots are covet-worthy.
If you haven't checked them out yet, do it.
So cute.



I know some of you are wondering why I am even in Hawaii.
I decided to come to BYUH for a semester.
Mostly because I wanted a change.

I am learning a lot of things out here.

One of them is not letting yourself get talked into body-surfing by boys at Pounders beach.
Appropriately named Pounders (pictured above)
Another thing is learning how to kill spiders, lizards and giant moths without flinching.
Another thing is missing your friends and family so much your heart hurts.

I am learning that I love palm trees and sunshine and fresh fruit stands.
And that reading Tennyson on the beach is extremely pleasing.
And that hearing a loved ones voice on the phone makes everything better.

And that adventures like this show us who we really are.


Simple Loves

Something I love about Hawaii are the little local scenes that the locals don't notice anymore.
I saw this little bicycle group yesterday and fell in love with the different colors of cruisers.

And then I remembered why I came to Hawaii in the first place.



Thanks friends for your help with the pretty/ugly word exercise.

So the assignment was to make up a paragraph story using as many of the words as possible.
I have to admit, some of the combination's made me blush - but I wrote the following story using all of your beautiful and incandescent words as well as your vulgar ones.
It is pretty gothic-romantic, so hang in there.

Don't judge.

"Shimmering blossoms swirled around the maiden who inevitably would be wed. In this Eden-like garden, maggots coagulated in the luminous glow of her silhouette if only to discombobulate the damsel in the time of her bliss. In the dark, her soon to be prince entered the grove nonchalantly, pretending to rectify her felicity with his honky-tonk dalliance. Groping for her hand, his crusty, yet delicate embrace caused her to shudder deliciously; unaware of the moist, poison ointment he applied to her effervescent skin. As the poison usurped her power to reason, she imagined the vain gargoyle above her head singing a canon soliloquy, and her attempt to shout for aid was vain. Delicate showers of turd-like petals rained on her deadening cheeks, while her panties remained on her being despite the fear that caused her to shudder thither. Butterflies flapped their delicate wings like a fart – their steady hum encircling her face, her pelvis, her feet. This fashionista had inhaled her last breath, and the shimmer of her silhouette became obsolete under his imperial hands."

I told you it was lame, but I still felt like sharing.

Did you find your words?

{photo via}



Hey Friends.
Want to help me with a homework assignment?
Please tell me what you feel is the most beautiful word in the English language.
Alternatively, please respond with your least favorite.

I'll start:

Your turn.
And please, don't be shy.

Remember ?

Remember when I told you about this project?

Well, I am putting together a portfolio of photo shoots I have styled in case I decide to get my graduate degree in fashion.
This talented photographer took the shots, while I styled the outfits.
I also modeled with 4 of my favorite people, including her and her.
If you are in the Hawaii or Utah or the Connecticut area and are a photographer looking for a stylist, let me know.
I am kind of all over the place.

And there are so many more photos, that I can't even wait to share with you.

Did I mention that it was so much fun?
Because it was.



Remember how I was moving here?

Well I made it.
And it is beautiful.

Come visit?




Hey friends.
I just finished styling and modeling for this project, and can't wait to show you.
Stay tuned.



Brownie Time

I secretly think that this brownie has healing properties.
It is that good.
If any of you happen to shop at my favorite grocery store Whole Foods, get one.

If any of you live tragically and geographically farther from Whole Foods, don't be sad.
Here is the recipe.

Your life will never be the same again.



I might break down guys.
I might just do it.
I have wanted this dress for months and months, waiting for it to go on sale.
I look at it every time I get on the internet, hoping that someday it will be mine.
I would wear it with a black headband and red shoes.
Am I pathetic?

p.s. this is the best blog post I have read in awhile.
Huzzah Ashley.

p.p.s thanks for being my friends.


Honesty Please


What do you really think?



So I am kind of moving to Hawaii.
Am I excited?

Am I packed and ready?

Do I know anyone in Hawaii?

Am I feeling brave today?

Absolutely not.