Is it?

Is it a sin that I want a wedding more then I want a marriage right now?
(I hope not)
{photos courtesy of the knot}


Princess Time

I sort of had a Princess themed weekend.
I watched (don't make fun of me) :
And then I went to a castle...
No really, I did.

(All I'm missing is Prince Charming)
What did you do?



Meet J.
My little sister.
And best friend.

(And partner in crime.)
I like you a lot.
Even if you bleached all of my favorite clothes.


Thug Story

I am loving this.


Virtual Closet

Today I virtually dressed myself.
I wore:
This Jennifer Behr Headband.

Then I carred this clutch.

And wore these shoes.

I looked so good today.


Why I ♥ Connecticut (#1)

I can go here.
With my friends.
Anytime I want.


I went to Maine this weekend.
Some highlights include:
*Playing with my sista's at the beach.
* Hiking, getting caught in the rain, making a poncho tent, and.... lighthouses.

*And seeing lots of pretty pretty sights like this gazebo and fishing boat.

(Thanks for having us Vacationland)

What did you do this weekend?



After doing a project on La Moda di Italia with Ashley this year,

I fell in love with the Versace Atelier project.

I am not normally a fan of high fashion but--

I loved seeing how these drawings became a reality.


Emerson Lynn

Speaking of visits....
Look who is coming to visit me next week!!
This little cutie.



This little lady, And this little lady,
Are coming to visit me here.

But we'll also go here.

And here.

And also here.

And and and .....
I can't wait.



(I think someone needs to stage an intervention)


Uncle Walt

"And your very flesh,
shall be a great poem."

My American Literature teacher told us to call him Uncle Walt.

I thought that was silly.

Now I believe it.

May I suggest you read this one.

Or attempt to read this one - I dare you to see if you can do so without shedding a tear.

"I exist as I am, that is enough."

I love you Uncle Walt.



"If I get married,
I want to be very married."

Me too Audrey.

P.s. Bryan blogged about one of my favorite poems.

Check it out here.