Kevin and I, in route to Columbus had a layover in Chicago. When we found out our plane was overbooked, we took the option of staying there an extra night and getting a plane voucher.

So really, Southwest gave us $1100 in credit, put us in a hotel (so we actually got a good nights rest) and we got an awesome date out of it. We went to Giordano's, which the hotel lady swore was the best deep dish in Chicago, and we were not disappointed. Thanks Southwest. We'll fly with you anytime.

(p.s. please tell me you've seen the United Breaks Guitars. We sang it every time we passed a United sign.)


Christmas House






Before we left for Ohio, Christmas hit our house. We spent most of the day Saturday setting up the tree, finding decorations, and listening to Christmas music. I was in disbelief that I am married to my best friend, and we could decorate our own place for Christmas. I hope it is something I never get used to.

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful. We played games almost all day, I read two books, we watched a lot of football and basketball, and ate our weight in Andes mints and apple pie. As much as I love Thanksgiving, I can't hep but be so excited for Christmas. I love this season, everything about it.

(p.s. can someone teach me how to take a decent picture?)


I used random number generator and Emma is the winner of the Aesthetic Image giveaway! Email me with your info.

True Random Number Generator 10

For those who didn't win, Aesthetic Image is offering a free lip or brow wax with any other waxing service when you tell her that you entered the giveaway - and they already have the lowest prices I have found in Utah valley.

Thanks to everyone who entered!




I am currently in Ohio with Kevin's family for Thanksgiving break.

So far we have played a lot of board games, and had some adventures at the airport. I hope you all have a relaxing break, and a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Campus Date

Kevin is a supervisor for BYU EMS (emergency medical services) and happened to have a shift on Friday. That meant from 7-11 on a weekend night, we were stuck on campus, in case someone sprained their ankle, had a stroke, passed out, etc. Luckily no calls came that night.

We decided to make a date out of it. We had taco bell, admired my new nail color, and then watched Despicable Me in the Varsity Theater. Somehow Kevin even makes BYU campus on a Friday night fun.


Aesthetic Image Review

Last Monday I went to Aesthetic Image for my routine wax. I love that place, and I will never go anywhere else for a wax. Lindsay, the master esthetician is the most gentle, kind person ever and she makes the experience as pleasant as it can possibly be. I went before my wedding and she made me feel so calm. She is also so easy to talk to, and does such a thorough job every time.

I love her, and Aesthetic Image. She now has two locations - one in Orem and one in Draper, so everyone in Utah valley is in close proximity to her.

To start off your holidays right, she is offering a $50 gift certificate to one lucky lady, and for those who don't win she is offering a free eyebrow or lip wax with any other waxing service when you tell her that Mandy sent you. I realize that not everyone is in the market for a wax, so even if you aren't, the gift certificate will make an awesome gift for the holidays, or for a wedding shower.

To enter, visit Aesthetic Image and leave a comment below. A winner will be drawn on Friday.

(p.s if you have a service you would like me to review please email me)


Christmas List 2

Kevin wasn't really pleased with everything on my last Christmas list and asked me for another round. He told me that Home Decor is what we would buy anyway. and that he needs to really get me something I wouldn't buy for myself otherwise.

I love him.

Here's what is on the rest of my Christmas list:

These Toms

Perfect iPhone case


Gorgeous boots

Bag for my gear (My last one was ruined on our honeymoon with nail polish)

Gloves just like Winnie Gekko's at the end of Wall Street

I know I complain about it at times, but having my birthday, Christmas, and graduation all in the same month has its perks.




Someone asked me on my formspring how Kevin proposed. I love thinking about that day.

It happened to be Kevin's birthday - March 19. That shows the kind of person Kevin is. Instead of wanting all of the attention that day, he decided the best gift he could receive was me saying yes to marrying him. He's pretty sweet like that.

We went on a date which I planned for his birthday, and I planned on spending the rest of the night cuddling in the fort I built for his birthday. After watching some of March Madness in our sweats, Kevin asked if we could go to "our spot" at the top of Provo. I was hesitant because it was cold, and I did not feel like going for a drive. But he asked that we do it as a special birthday request.

We drove up there, and I am not even joking on the car ride there Beyonce's "Single Ladies" came on. I started laughing because I was anxious to be engaged by this point and I kept singing, "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it." Now that I look back on it he was laughing very nervously.

We pulled into our spot, a gorgeous place in the mountains overlooking Utah Valley. The entire valley was lit up with lights and it was so beautiful. We pulled a blanket out of my car and laid down on the hood of the car, looking at the stars. It really looked like we were in between two sets of stars. The ones above our heads, and the ones below us in the valley.

Then Kevin started telling me all of the things he is so excited to do in this life. He talked about details like going to the hospital with me and listening to our baby's heartbeat, brushing our little girls hair when they get out of the tub, and taking long walks together when we are old. I listened to him so intently as he got emotional and told me that all he wanted for the rest of his life was to be with me. We got off the hood of the car to hug, and then he knelt down and pulled a ring out of the pocket of his sweatpants. Then he asked me with tear-filled eyes if I would marry him.

I was overwhelmed with emotion. I started laughing and crying at the same time, and he slid the ring over my finger and then he spun me around. After a couple of minutes he said, "Is that a yes?" We both started laughing hysterically (honestly we probably looked crazy to anyone who may have seen) and I said yes of course it is a yes.

It was simple, and private, and not forced at all. It was exactly the way I wanted to be proposed to. We weren't dressed up, we hadn't gone on an elaborate date, and there were no roses or hot air balloons or easter bunny costumes. It was just us. I felt like there was nothing more important in the world that was happening at that time than the tiny spot in the world where Kevin proposed between the stars.

And I still feel that way.

p.s. UNREAL. Salt Lake's Groupon is $25 for $50 at American Apparel.




I used to be afraid of a lot of things. Not really unrealistic fears like alligators, which I would be afraid of if I lived in say, Florida. And not really the fear of growing old alone, because first of all I didn't and second of all I don't mind being alone as long as I am not lonely.

I had fears instead about being kidnapped, and gas prices, and politics and communism. I had fears that I would be forced to do things I didn't want to do, and that I wouldn't live long enough to fulfill my dreams. I had fears of evil finding its way into my life, and fears of losing myself.

But now I feel like Macaulay Culkin on Home Alone when he runs out to the streets yelling, "I'm not afraid anymore!" Because that is me now.

I don't know when I stopped being so afraid, but I know who it is who released me from my fears. Thank you Kevin, for freeing me from fear and for helping me believe that courage stems from being afraid, not from being brave.

Courage has to start somewhere.


Wedding Photos



Allison recently posted more pictures from our wedding. Her style is so clean and natural, I love every one of the photos. Somehow she manages to have you pose without looking like you are posing. We were laughing and so happy our whole wedding day, and I didn't feel interrupted at all by having her there taking our picture. At one point she said, "Okay, you two are lovebirds!" We laughed at that too, because it is true.

I feel so blessed to have had a photographer who captured perfectly the most important day of our lives. Thank you Allison!

(Also, after I get the full disk of images I will share even more. There are so many gorgeous shots).

Go here to see more.




Kevin and I talk about names a lot, not only because we plan on having a dozen children (more or less) and names are a good way to argue about something that doesn't matter yet, but also because we both have names and like to think about what else we could be called.

Mandy. Not Amanda. It is simple and some people say it is cute, but I think because of Mandy Moore and too many horror movies, (as well as a plethora of gas station attendants) my name has been a little cheapened. I also was tragically not given a middle name (bring it up with my parents). I told Kevin we need to name our children names that will guarantee them a romantic lifestyle. His last name is French (Voisin) so if they are living in America they at least will be guaranteed a romantic last name, which means even if we decide on something terrible they will have some hope.

Kevin asked me what I would name myself if I could, and with a lot of thought I decided on the name Kate. Not Katie or Katherine, just Kate. I think the name Kate is simple and romantic and the last name really takes center stage on a name like Kate, making it timeless. Kevin thought it was a boring choice, but I happen to admire a lot of Kate's.

For example:

And I know there are more, that I just haven't thought about.

In case you were wondering, Kevin chose the name Jimmer. Shocker.
I still love him.

What would you name yourself? It is a much different process than naming a child.

photo via the fabulous kate



I had twitter for a whole two days. I guess I thought that my life was pretty interesting and I would have lots of cool things to tweet about. Like, "Just ran into David Archuleta and he told me I am pretty." Or, "Recently signed my debut album - rock on!" But to be honest, it was more like, "Been sitting at my desk at work for the past six hours writing a press release about the HCG hormone in men and women, and how their bodies respond ..." And frankly, I don't think anyone really cares about that. I mean, I don't even really care about that.

But when I deleted my twitter Kevin was disappointed. He told me he looked forward to my "tweets" :) so I told him I would still send him mini-tweets throughout the day. So far they have been, "What did the mechanic say?" And, "Can you vacuum later tonight?" And he doesn't love these kinds of tweets for some reason.

So for all of you - what value do you find in twitter? Am I missing something?


Office Space

My office is moving to a new location and the re-modeling is currently underway. My boss said I could decorate my new office "any way I want." I jokingly asked him if I could hang up my Kiss poster (which doesn't exist) and he replied, "Yeah if that's what you want to do."

I designed this board to show to him, and while I doubt he will love it and let me go for it, I think he will be impressed with my lack of Kiss posters and renovating spirit.


Life Changer

Dry Shampoo. I used to think it was totally gross, but now I am a believer. I got it at Sally's for $7.00 and the girl working there told me not to waste my money on another kind because this kind works the best. I can go sometimes 2 days longer between washing (don't worry I still shower). My hair is healthier and is growing even longer because I don't have to blow dry it as much.

Honestly, I just couldn't keep it to myself anymore. Please buy it.


This November 8th


I wore my yellow tights to school,
my navy dress as well.
Red lipstick flared off my small lips
And dabbed perfume for smell.

My backpack jostled as I walked
It kind of made me glad
And the bells chimed out above my head
The tones mixed bright and sad.

A mother walking with her child
Passed me on the street,
I loved the way his small legs moved
I loved his tiny feet.

And then I got to class on time
Sat down right at the bell.
I felt so glad to be on this earth,
and that's my show and tell.


Where I am


Where I'm from is another story entirely.

I was born in Salt Lake City, one icy and cold night in December. My due date was Christmas day. When I was 10 days old (the minimum age to fly) my family and little me moved to Tokyo Japan, where we would proceed to live the next 8 years.

I remember so many beautiful things about Japan. But perhaps they are just beautiful because it was my childhood, and whether I was in France, Egypt, or Arkansas it would probably be just as beautiful. I got lost on trains with my sisters, learned to ride a bike with my dad - as he balanced his hands on the back of the handlebars, and cheered me on while I rode wildly down the empty Japan streets, and went to school with thousands of girls from hundreds of different countries who had different beliefs than I did, but we learned to love each other all the same.

When I was eight, my parents had enough of ex-pat living, and promptly moved to Alpine, Utah and built a house. This was home for years and years. This is where I met the best friends I have ever had, where I had my first kiss, where I really learned what it means to be a part of something bigger than myself. Where I attempted catching rattlesnakes with Lacey, and where Jess and I pretended to be ice-skaters for over a week in the basement, with roller-blades and thrift-store leotards. Where I graduated from high school, and where I crashed my car into mom's pine tree one late night with Melissa.

After high school graduation, I moved to Provo Utah, where I would attend BYU for the next 3 1/2 years. This is where I learned who I was. Where I walked so many cold mornings up the hill to class because I wanted to. Where I spent more time alone than I thought I ever would, and that time alone showed me that I can be alone and not be lonely. Where I was taught Whitman, and Morrison, and Italian. Where I learned to be myself, regardless of what others think.

For a brief time I lived in Connecticut - where Jess and I spent every waking moment together, and I felt so lucky to have been born into the same family as my best friend. This is also where I let go of the broken heart I was harboring, and learned to fall in love with someone so right for me.

For a brief time I lived in Hawaii - where I learned that being apart from people you love can strengthen you. And also where I learned that I can do hard things.

And this is where I am from, but not where I am. Right now, I am married to a kind boy who makes me smile when I want to be mad at him, and scrapes the ice that is slowly accumulating in the mornings on my car. I am living in a four-plex, and he goes to school and I go to work and the little time we have together consists of making pizza and playing cards and singing the Doo-Run song. And even though this is where I am, and I love where I am, I'll never forget where I am from.




Surrounded by white, my thoughts are blank.
No colors to distract me, or remind me of the world
outside these sacred doors.
A world which, in fact, I live in.
A world where I grew up,
skinned my knees,
wore glasses,
read Whitman
and fell in love.

This world then, where, in fact, I live
is only steps away.
Concrete, and fiberglass stop me from seeing outside.
And the white in this room helps me forget that world.
Instead, I am in the present,
and I can feel my soul,
and everything makes sense.
And the white tells me, just for an instant,
that this world is where I really belong.

(Where Kevin and I got married. The most beautiful place on this earth)



After seeing this image in Elle, I became obsessed with the photo of the elephant above the mantel. After doing some research, I found out that the photographer is Nick Brandt. I became fascinated with his bio.

He said, "You wouldn't take a portrait of a human being from a hundred feet away and expect to capture their spirit; you'd move in close." Sometimes he gets within five feet of the animals he photographs in the wild.

I purchased a smaller image of the elephant from the mantel inspiration, and a larger image of the last image. To me, it is a total expression of love, and looking at it almost makes me cry it is so beautiful.








Every Monday night Kevin and I take turns planning a date for our family night. Usually it consists of homemade pizza, movies, or popcorn and cards, but last night he surprised me and took me to Salt Lake to the Gateway mall. I had some things to return to Anthropologie, and Kevin knew I was anxious to go there. To be honest, I was very unimpressed by Anthro. Usually it is my favorite place to shop, but lately I feel like I have been getting pretty bad quality for the price I am paying. Anyone else feeling like this?

Needless to say, we didn't stay there long. Instead we went to Z-Gallerie, my new favorite place. I was so happy there, I could have stayed all night. I left with loads of inspiration, and a lot of new things on my mental Christmas list.

Here are some things I love:

This is what we actually bought:

Do you have a Z-Gallerie near you? I can't wait until our next trip there.



Kevin and I decided we are going to be so much more fancy.
I'm not really sure how we are going to do it yet, but it will happen.

Also, this weekend we went to a basketball game and I read the whole time and beat a whole level of Angry Birds on his iPhone. He wasn't mad, he was just happy that I came. I like that he thinks like that.

Also, someone asked me on my formspring how I found such a handsome husband. I thought it was him all weekend, but he kept denying it and now I am not sure who to believe, but I still think it could be him but I am not positive. He is good at tricking me, but I am actually starting to believe that maybe it wasn't him and someone in the void thinks my husband is handsome, which is okay because I do too.

I also watched all of Season 2 of The City (which I am not ashamed of) because it is seriously good, and Olivia would be easier to hate if I didn't love everything she wears.

Halloween is fine and all, but I am really excited it is over so the real holidays can begin.

And even though sometimes I think life is hard and pout for a little, inside I know it is truly great.