Happy Hallo-over

I love Halloween day, because it means this season is almost over. If there were a Scrooge for Halloween, it would be me. I don't like the scary movies, creepy decorations, or cheap candy. I didn't even really like it as a kid. Something about trick or treating when it's snowing in Utah does that to you. (Sorry for all of you who love it.)

Let's make way for the real holidays starting tomorrow.

P.s. this is as dressed up as we get. The biggest pay-off of the night was realizing that Kevin actually looks great with gray hair. 


two pictures

After going through my wedding photos again,  I've decided these are my new favorite. No one ever tells you that when you get married there will be so much love in combining two families. 


most right

"We are not oysters or abalones, existing in shells—even though that is how we may feel when we become self-involved. We are members one of another, connected to each other, and especially to God, by spiritual sensitivities and obligations profound as eternity. And just for that reason, we become most ourselves when we are most true to God and to one another. We become most right with ourselves when we are most right with them."
- C. Terry Warner

Please listen or read here. Exceptional words. 


favorite things lately

Kevin always says that when I love something, I love it until I wear it out. That happens with a lot of things - food, clothes, movies, books, friends (just kidding about that one.) Since I am going through some major phases right now, I thought I'd share some of the things that I am kind of into right now.

1. Pesto. My sister Lacey got me hooked on this stuff, and lately I've made about two batches a week. I put it on everything - pizza, toast, pasta. My favorite is just with regular pasta and some raw parmesan cheese - not melted. This recipe is my favorite. I usually do a blend of spinach/arugula since that is all my grocery store carries and it turns out great. 

2. The Mindy Project. You all already knew I had a girl crush on her, but I was a little skeptical about her show from the previews. Now I look forward to a new episode every week. It is freaking hilarious. Please watch. (Also I am into Ben and Kate, New Girl, and almost every other show on tv. I have so much time alone that it's kind of become my "family". Orwell was right on that one.)

3. I don't just watch television, contrary to popular belief. Lately I have been into a really non-characteristic genre; Marriage books. Some recent reads: The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage, Committed, (more to come on this good one) and some interesting articles my SIL Julie (marriage family therapy master's student) has sent my way. People have been asking me if my marriage is in trouble from my recent reads, but to be honest - I think they are fascinating! I'm learning a lot. Also, our marriage is not "in trouble". Sheesh. 

4. Hot tubbing. It's the perfect temperature at night for hot tubbing in AZ. The pool is a little too cold, and the hot tub is too hot for the day. As gross as it may sound, me and my new friends in Arizona have spent hours the past few weeks in the hot tub past 9 pm. I've really learned to love that thing, and the star gazing with the open Arizona skies is the best. 

5. Classical music. So boring I know, but Kevin loves it which I think is adorable, and while I have always loved it, I never listened to it. I think it's because I grew up playing it for hours a day. Now that I don't practice like I used to, it's been fun to reacquaint myself. 

After re-reading this post, I think it could be submitted in its entirety to Stuff White People Like. But this is the kind of thing I enjoy reading about and, since my phases change quickly, I thought it might be fun to document them. 

Do you live in phases? What are your favorite things right now?

P.S. my all-time favorite thing is dry shampoo. What began as a phase has become a deep-rooted commitment to that stuff. I will never abandon it. 


White Coat

Kevin received his white coat on Friday. I had no idea what that ceremony was, or how big of a deal it is until I went to his. A speaker discussed the symbolism of the white coat, and then the student is robed by the Dean's.

It made me a little teary as I saw Kevin get his. So much work has gone into this already, and we still have so, so much more work to go. As overwhelming as it is sometimes, it is awesome to see him so happy and so in love already with his career path.

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the 

beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end

of the beginning."
                                     - Winston Churchill


medical school so far

I've had some people ask me how we like it here. How medical school is going, how I'm adjusting to life in Arizona, etc.

In all honesty, there are no complaints here. We love it here - we love the area, we love the people we have met, we love the apartment. Sure there are long days for Kevin and lonely days for me. (We both like to think that ours are harder) but the good days far outweigh the bad.

It's hot, but it's getting nicer and nicer every day. Kevin's brother Brad just came to visit and was complaining about the heat (about 95). Kevin and I laughed so hard. We'll take 95 degrees over 110 any day. Our pool is awesome and we go for moonlight dips when Kevin gets home super late. Those late night swims are the best part of my day.

I've also been lucky to make some awesome friends. I've had Liz from day one which makes me feel so lucky, but there have also been some other girls who have made me feel at home here. We have weekly swim night, volleyball night, girls night, and tv night so (most) of the time I don't even notice that Kevin is gone. 

The worst part is definitely Kevin's time management. He feels pressure to study all the time, even when he gets home at 10:00. Probably a lot of people can relate to this. He feels guilty when he doesn't spend a lot of time with me, but I am slowly learning to be more supportive. We've met so many people here who really want to get into medical school (they are working on master's degrees now.) It's such a blessing to be accepted at all. I'm pretty proud of him for working so hard and I'm really just grateful to be here. (I realize this sounds fake. I promise it's not. I have no problem admitting that things aren't always perfect, but overall we like it here a lot.) 

So there it is, for those who are wondering. We are happy. And we have an air mattress for visitors. Please come see us!