Good News


Lots of good news this week.

Sister Jessica is safe and sound in Jerusalem. After being in Egypt this week during the riots, she is back in Jerusalem and I am so relieved. (I never thought I would admit being relieved for my sister being in Israel, but I am.)

I won the weekly Mario Kart tournament for the first time in a long time, thanks to Baby Luigi and P. Diddy Donks. My homies.

We went to Macaroni Grill on Saturday to celebrate Kevin's ORCA grant! (I didn't know people actually got those...)

A huge tradeshow I have been working on for weeks is finished, and I didn't have to go. Success.

I finally got around to painting some chairs I am attempting to upholster. (I will let you know if this ends up being good or bad news).

I still get nightmares, like a little kid. Am I alone in this? I wake up with my heart pounding, completely terrified. The good news is that I have Kevin now, so when I wake up I feel safe again. I also came to the realization that the scariest thing about bad dreams, is the unknown territory. You don't know where you are. I hope I am smarter in real life than I am in my dreams. At least I'd like to think so.

Lindsay shared this article on FB (friend me you guys!) and I really enjoyed it. You probably will too.

Kevin and I are on our way to becoming fancy! We have now upgraded from eating on the counter to the couch. Baby steps.

I think I am going to have a real vacation in February. Like with a plane and everything.

And even though all of these things are small, they make me feel like even though things haven't been perfect the past few weeks. (In fact, some of my most stressful times ever), life has a way of giving you hope even when you expect things to go wrong.

And I know things are going to get better.


Nicole Cohen via Rue



It felt like Christmas when I saw Nicole Cohen's Manhattan town home in Rue Mag yesterday. I always thought of myself as having a glam/traditional decorating style, but I love the moody, surprising elements in Nicole Cohen's apartment.

All I know, is that I love that moment when something completely shocks and inspires you, making you realize that beauty has so many different forms, and that is totally how I felt looking at this space.

I told Kevin I found our dream home yesterday and he laughed (because I say that most days) but after looking at these images himself he said, "I could see us living there." - A compliment coming from Kev, who would be content living with plaid couches and raw oak headboards.

Until you consider your own living space - away from roommates and parents, it is difficult to know what you really love. I have made purchases that I quickly realized aren't my style at all, but I didn't know they weren't my style and what I loved until I had them in our apartment and I had to walk past them everyday.

I think that personal decorating is in large part trial and error. Slowly collecting pieces that you love, and somehow making them all fit together to make your ideal space.

Probably the funnest thing ever.

Find Nicole's apartment in Issue 3 of Rue Mag.
p.s. She is sharing her sources for her apartment today! Find them here.


Favorite Things

Since I have been working around the clock like a mad woman, it is reassuring to surround myself with beautiful things. It calms me down, and helps me to realize that beauty is attainable in all aspects of our lives. These are a few things lately that are making me happy, making me feel beautiful, and getting me through this busy season.

Finding a matching vase to these at Jamali Gardens at a thrift store. Nothing better than a vintage, mirrored vase for $5.00
Monday nights are the best. My favorites are Chantel, Emily and Lisa. (Please can he pay more attention to Lisa? Even despite her frizzy hair.)


This paper is so beautiful, it belongs on a wall not a gift in my opinion. It is on its way to me, and I can't wait to put it in a vintage gold frame I found at a thrift store. It is the most beautiful print I have seen in a long time. I want to eat it.
This trench in black. My Valentines Gift to myself :)


The idea of Anthropologie's wedding line. Six months too late for me, but it is still exciting.Photobucket
Sonnets From The Portugese. One of my favorite wedding gifts.


Nothing too big, but all of these recent things encourage me, and make me happy.

What is making you happy? Please tell.



Why is it so easy to be mean to the people you love most?

I am on the phone all day with angry people, I work with angry people, and I am so nice to them, but when I get home it is so easy to be mad at Kevin, when he is the person who loves me most and is always there for me no matter what.

I think sometimes, that we are mean to the people who love us most, because we know that no matter what they will keep on loving us, and sometimes we take advantage of that unconditional love.

All I know is, that it is never worth it to be mean to the one person I want to spend all my time with, during the short hours we have together to spend, while I spend the rest of my time with all of those mean people, who I don't want to spend my time with, but I am still nice to them.

It doesn't really make any sense at all.

But I do know, that I am so happy to be able to say sorry to Kevin over and over - because no matter what he will never give up on me. And he always forgives me. (Even when -especially when I don't deserve it.)

Please tell me I am not the only one who does this.


Sundance Review


I just finished working two full days at the Sundance Film Festival celebrity gift lounge. In all honesty, it was a lot more self-entitled publicists and directors than celebrities I cared to meet, but I still had a great time and met some cool people. Here are the people I met and what I thought:

Gia : The cutest person ever. She is actually a lot shorter than she looks on television, since I am 5'7" but very sweet. We talked for about ten minutes, and she told me if I ever come to New York to email her and do lunch. I am considering going to New York, like, tomorrow. (She is also the only celebrity I took a personal picture with. They are terrible quality, because I took them with my phone.)

Lucy Walsh: My new favorite singer, with a really cute personality and a funny boyfriend.

Terrence Howard: Very sweet to his wife. He let her pick all of the gifts she wanted, and didn't take anything for himself.

Michael Rapaport: Very dirty mouth, and wannabe gangsta.

50 Cent: Okay I saw him, I didn't personally meet him but it was still cool.

Leslie Mann: Very outgoing, and very short.

Amy Ryan: (Holly from The Office). She waved at me and smiled. I liked her.

Peter Dinklage: Very hairy.

I met a lot of other people, but these are the ones that come to my mind today. It was a great experience, but strangely I am ready to return to the office, and continue my day-to-day responsibilities. Celebrity free.



Thanks to the fabulous Brook* I went blond this weekend.
And even though I look like a blond, I'm still a brunette at heart.

(But it's still fun to pretend).

* Go to Brook for a $50 cut and color, and tell her Mandy sent you.
Amazing every time.


Sundance Film Festival


My company has a booth in the celebrity lounge at the Sundance Film Festival and I am working it this weekend. I've never really met someone truly famous, and so I am both very excited and very nervous.

I will let you know who I see on Monday!

p.s. Have you met anyone famous? Who?

Beauty Products

I have had a couple of emails about my favorite beauty products. I don't wear a lot of makeup every day, but it is still something I love having for days when I do feel like dressing up a little bit. Here is the makeup that I use. Nothing too special or expensive, but it feels right to me.


Bare Escentuals Prime Time: It makes my face feel totally smooth, before putting on powder.
Mary-Kay Creme-to-Powder Foundation in Ivory 2: I never put this all over my face, but it covers up and evens out my face in areas that need it. I have used this since I was 15. Love it.


Bare Escentuals Blush in Fruit Cocktail: After seeing the Bare Escentuals lady at the mall give my sister-in-law Julie a makeover using this blush, I had to buy it. Yes, sadly I am one of those people, but I love its warm pink.
Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil: On days when I don't have time to get ready completely, I still wear the mineral veil. It evens out the rest of my face so easily.


Clinique All About Eyes: A little more expensive, but this stuff will last you for years. You only need a tiny bit a couple times a week and the bags under your eyes disappear.
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara: To me, mascara is mascara. I have used expensive brands like Clinique and Dior and they all work the same in my opinion. I like this kind because it is a pretty color. Totally serious.

MAC eyeshadow in Honesty: I like this color because it is neutral but still a little sparkly, and I like this brand because it lasts forever, and has a matte look.
MAC eyeshadow in Vapour: I like this color because it makes my eyes look bigger on tired days.



Nars Funny Face: They use this color in JCrew ads a lot lately. Bright fuchsia, just like an old blazer my mom wore when I was growing up. It is semi-matte so it comes off easily when you want it too, and doesn't over-dry. I always get compliments on it when I wear it.
MAC Ruby Woo: This is a trendy color, but when I wear it I feel glamorous, and I think that is what makeup is for.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip gloss in Passion Fruit Pop: This flavor tastes great, and the color is perfect. Not too bright or shiny, but good for every day.
Smith's Rosebud Salve: I usually use this before bed. It tastes better than Vaseline, and the smell is delicious. I found it in my sister Lacey's makeup bag, and have used it ever since.




I am usually not motivated by motivational speakers, nor do I find encouragement from talk show hosts on a general basis. But this quote has been running through my mind for weeks, and the more it rolls around and is considered and thought out, the more I realize that, at least for me, it is exactly right.

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for."

Yes, this is a quote from Oprah but it is slowly becoming my mantra. There are so many things I want. And maybe not things, but opportunities. Lifestyles. Relationships.

I have always tolerated courage, mustering it up when I needed it most. Job interviews, first dates, cold calling. But it has never been a constant force in my life. It has never been a part of who I am.

And somehow, I feel like that is going to change. And I make it that way.



My mom always told me growing up to be nice to my sisters. "They will be your best friends someday," she told me every time we fought. My younger self didn't think she was right, but now I must admit that every part of that statement is true. My sisters are my best friends ever. But what she didn't tell me was that my siblings-in-law would become my best friends as well. I know that doesn't work out for everyone, but it definitely worked out for me.

For our wedding I had all of mine and Kevin's sisters as my bridesmaids. I didn't want taffeta, matching bridesmaid dresses, but instead asked them to find a gray dress they felt beautiful in and accessorize with my other colors (Navy, white, light pink). All of us wore matching pink pearl necklaces, and it was fun to have a common element to tie us all together.


And, without further adieu, meet my siblings:


Lacey: Our fearless leader with a brilliant mind, beautiful voice, and the cutest children ever born.


Melissa: Elegant and witty, easily the most creative, with the most poetic soul of us all.


Jessica: Hilarious, adventurous, my BFF and compassionate beyond measure.


Taylor: Holds his own as the only boy, wise and athletic beyond his years, with a soft heart.


Callie: Precociously thoughtful, a mini-me, and my pride and joy.

Siblings (in-law)


Julie: Sincere, ambitious, and the glue that holds the rest of us together.


Brad: Stylish senior with a romantic outlook on life and a desire to help others.


Kim: More beautiful than she knows, with a heart of gold and the brains to back her up.

Randy: Adorable, cuddly, and the most lovable individual I know.

My mom was right. They are my best friends.



Because we are on a student budget, decorating our home has been a bit of an adventure. From reading wonderful blogs (like all of yours) I have had so much inspiration for how to decorate for less. I knew I wanted a white dresser for our bedroom, but I couldn't find an inexpensive one that I loved. I ended up finding this one for $30 on craigslist, and, with a little bit of elbow grease and Kevin's mad painting skills, we transformed it from this:


To this:




Knobs from here, Frame from here, Shell from our honeymoon.


Wedding- The Guests

I have always wanted a small and intimate wedding. I never wanted to stand in a receiving line and shake hands with my parents friends on the most important day of my life. Instead, I wanted to be surrounded with people who really loved Kevin and I and who have played a major role in our lives. I didn't want to be exclusive or snobby about having such a small wedding. I truly wanted to feel like everyone in attendance wanted to be there, and didn't feel obligation.

We weren't sure how our wedding would turn out, but we were so happy with it. There was no pressure all day, just all of our favorite people in one place.