I guess when I really think about it,
I am the luckiest girl in the world.

I have a family who loves me.

And a little sister who takes better care of me than I take care of her.

And I have friends who force me to be social. And they make me laugh a lot.

And I have a mom who cries when she hugs me goodbye until Christmas.

And I have too many new clothes that I like too much.

And a fridge full of orange creme Yoplait.

And sisters who call me from far away, and listen to me.

And I have someone to cuddle with on a hammock. Who also tells me stories in Spanish.

And I am so happy.

That's all.


Ping-Pong NY

Want to know something fun to do next time you're in NYC?

(Play ping-pong in Bryant Park)



Mi Piace

Little Italy is my favorite place in Boston town.

I imagine Italy is just like it with its cobbled streets and original cafe's.

So if you ever find yourself in Little Italy, do not miss Mike's Pastry.


(I even heard a rumor that they overnight pastries to the White House)

And I totally believe it.

I recommend the chocolate mousse cannoli.



All I know is that Boston is lovely.

I love the red brick motif all over the city.

And the cobble-stoned streets.

And pretending to be smart at Harvard and MIT.


And I love dreaming about moving there someday.
And about coming to visit all of you.


Rhode Island is easily my favorite state.

Let me move to you please.


It's Time.

Hey guys.
(I think I'm ready for an adventure)



Sometimes I think deep thoughts. And I like to think about Heaven. Yes, I believe in it. So deeply and so sure am I about heaven that it gives me the chills sometimes. But I decided heaven would really only be heaven if I had a couple of things with me. Without them, it probably would be really long, and a little bit sad.

So in my personal heaven, I could not do without:

1. Pillow fights on Christmas Eve
2. First kisses
3. Bicycles with baskets on the front
4. Holding hands with grandparents
5. Cartwheels on summer grass
6. Cinnamon rolls on rainy days
7. Hearing "I Love You"
8. New babies
9. Hugging my friends and family
10. Campfires with poetry
Maybe this is more of a happy list. But if you are in heaven for a long time, it only seems fair to bring along some of earth's greatest joys.
(I would love to hear about your heaven)


2 Weeks

Dear Friends,
I have missed you so.
I spent two weeks in the beautiful state of New Hampshire, where I was an efy counselor.
It was a lovely experience, and I made so many new friends.
Here is what else I did:
  • Sang beautiful music
  • Bore my testimony a lot
  • Ate too many choco-taco's
  • Held hands with someone new
  • Snuck away to a New Hampshire pond
  • Fell asleep in classes
  • Slow danced under the stars
  • Won a ping-pong tournament
  • Figured out that being 20 is magical

Oh, and I also decided that loving people is the most beautiful thing in the world.

That's All.