Out with the Old

But I loved the old.
2009 may go down in history as one of the best years of my 21 years of existence.
Being 20 was magical.
I ran through the beaches of Rhode Island.
I went surfing on the North Shore.
I slow danced under the stars in New Hampshire with someone I've come to love.
I took a nap in Central Park.
Walked along the Freedom Trail in Boston.
Ate lobster and got stuck in a rainstorm in Maine.
I took a road trip across the country with my little sister, and felt selfish that I got her to myself for four months this summer.
I cried more than any other year. but I smiled and laughed even more.
Out with the Old, in with the new.
I loved the old,
But the new is waiting, sparkling, taunting, promising.
Bring in 2010.

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I loved Laura's wedding.
Maybe I'll even stop blogging about it after this :)
She added the perfect cold-weather touches to keep warm in the snow.
I loved her Ugg moccasins with her dress and vintage peacoat.
The red and gold accents made it appropriate with the season without going overboard.
It was classy and elegant and original,
The way every wedding should be.
Oh and her husband Blake, is darling too.
p.s. Kevin and I are having so much fun in CT.
Maybe I won't come back for school at all.
I could get used to sleeping in, cuddling by the fire, and playing scrabble all day.


Getting Married

I have so many friends getting married.
It makes me so happy, because I love them all so much,
And the husbands they are choosing are perfect for them.
And it all reminds me that soulmates really do exist,
They just sometimes take awhile to present themselves.
So congratulations to Laura.
Love is everywhere these days.


Merry Christmas

Kevin is spending Christmas with my family in Connecticut.
So far we have eaten a lot of rocky road and curry.
Oh and we went to Boston yesterday.
My favorite as usual was Little Italy.
Today we are baking.
I hope you have the best Christmas friends.
Wherever you are.


1.5 Days

Hey Kev-friend,
I like you.
Heat the car up for me?




It was my birthday yesterday.
Since I am far away from everyone I love, I decided to throw a virtual party for myself.

It was so lovely.

All of my favorite people came.

Her, her, her, her, her, her, her, him, them, them them....
And all of my other friends too.

We ate dinner in the sunshine under the trees,

And had sparkling cupcakes, hot cocoa, and ice cream just the way I like it.

(strawberry shortcake and strawberry ice-cream)

Then we played Scrabble and I won.
(because it was my birthday you guys)
We played croquet.
And I even got my very own pink beach cruiser.

It was the best birthday I have ever had.

Being 20 was magical.

Being 21 will be even better.

I can feel it.



I had a goodbye party to Hawaii yesterday. 
It was kind of a birthday/farewell adventure and I wanted to do it alone.
So I packed my backpack, and walked to town.

I did everything I love to do here.
I bought Green Apple Hi-chews, Subway, and Cream Soda.
Later I got Malasadas from the cute red van. They are my favorite.

Then I walked to Temple Beach,
I called my sisters, and read Victorian poetry.

I stayed there all day not wanting to leave, ever.
It was such a perfect day.
And even though I feel ready to go sometimes,
My heart felt heavy on the walk home.

I think I'll always love you Hawaii.
Thanks for letting me come and play. 



"Oh darling, let your body in.
let it tie you in, in comfort."
- Anne Sexton

Good luck with finals friends.


Favorite Kevin's

All of my favorite Kevin's.
(Just kidding about the Jonas brother)


First and Last

These are the first and last photos of Kevin's visit to Hawaii last week.
Can you guess which commemorates his arrival and farewell? :)
Even though I miss him, I am trying to enjoy my 9 short days left in Hawaii.
Trying being the operative word.

When I get to Utah we are going to:
Go to this little lady's wedding (can't wait!)
Eat here.
See these.
Hug this friend.
And then in less than 24 hours, fly to Connecticut,
Where I will see my family.
Including her.
I cannot wait.
Nine days people.

p.s. congratulations Jalene!
p.p.s. sorry if you are freezing. It was 80 degrees today in Oahu!

p.p.p.s my friend Suzy Lind has a cd release party this Saturday for those in the Boston area.
She has been studying at Berkeley for the past year.
She is so talented!


Birthday/Christmas List

Since it is my Birthday and Christmas this month, I feel I have a little more freedom in making a Christmas/Birthday list. My family and friends are all done with my shopping however, so these items are merely wishes.
(Just click on the picture for more information about the item)

I love this dress from Anthropologie. So feminine and yellow! I love yellow.

These are cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. I love the sushi facade. They are so cute.

This cameo ring is from one of my favorite etsy shops: Ben and Oliver. And it is so cheap!
I am a sucker for boots. These modcloth ones are perfect. Flat and tall.

This is the sequel to my favorite poem collection! I must have it.
This camera makes mini polaroids, the size of credit cards.
I really want to try it.

This skirt is also from modcloth. The ruffles are totally my style.
My current purse is filled with sand, having taken it all over Hawaii with me this semester. So this purse from JCrew is looking so good right now. But I may need to find a cheaper version...

I love Christmas! What is on your list?


This Week

Has been really hard
For so many different reasons.
But thinking about Christmas cheers me up somehow.
Thinking about reading The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman by the fire,
With my sister's leg touching mine,
Eating my mom's homemade cinnamon rolls,
And helping my Dad shovel the snow,
Listening to Christmas music while wrapping presents,
and playing Sleigh Ride with Jessica.

Just thinking about these things makes me feel a little better.
I love you Christmas.
And I think you love me too.


So we went

Para sailing.
I loved it.
It made Kevin sick.
It made me smile.
So I kissed his cheek to make him feel better.
(It didn't work)
Oh well.
My favorite part was the four Japanese girls.
We took about 500 pictures of them doing peace signs.
The instructor flirted with them the whole time. Creepy.
I wish you all could have been there.




Our favorite day of Kevin's visit was when we went to the
Polynesian Cultural Center.
If you ever come to Oahu you must go there.
We rode a canoe with a guide who kept calling us "cousin"
We watched a fire-dancer.
We saw a Japanese man attempt to play Samoan drums. Hilarious.
We went to a luau,
and watched a beautiful night show with exotic dancers.
We ate way too much pineapple sorbet.
Oh yeah and we had a lot of fun.
But that is probably obvious.

Are you tired of these posts of Kevin's visit?
Because I'm not :)

p.s. I was a runner up for Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent's chance to go to Paris. :( I'm so sad I didn't win but I am a runner up! They featured me today. Click here to check me out.