Road Trip

So far, Jessica and I have had a wild trip.

Our first night we stayed here.
The clerk tried to rip us off.
And we put the "Privacy Please" sign on the door.
Just to be safe.

We drove allllllll day today, only to try 10 different hotels.
Finally we found one, and stayed here.
We ate popcorn and drank naked for dinner.
We are very healthy.

Tomorrow we are spending most of the day in Chicago.
Pictures to follow.

I miss all of you already!


Photo Project

I recently got asked by a photography student to help him with his project. It was fun and I think they turned out great. I highly recommend him. It was mainly a wedding shoot but I don't have those yet. These were some fun ones we did on Center in Provo


What do you think?



I really like cupcakes lately. This new bakery in Provo, The Sweet Tooth Fairy is kind of addicting. I have already taken four different friends there, and gone twice by myself. Okay, maybe more than twice.

I recommend the Strawberry Shortcake. Or the Red Velvet. Or maybe the Key Lime. But mostly I like all of them. Just a hint to readers: If I am ever mad at you, just bring me one and I may forget my anger. Just saying.