Davy Crockett and Sally Ann Thunder Wedding

Inspiration Board:

Sally Ann Thunder and Davy Crockett united for a wedding
that the backwoods of Tennessee and Kentucky
are not likely to ever see again.

Some fun facts about the happy couple:

Sally Ann can: "Tote a steamboat on her back, outscream a panther, and jump over her own shadow."
Davy Crockett can: "Slide down the slippery ends of a rainbow, outrun, outlick, and outholler any ring-tailed roarer east of the Mississippi!"

What: A wedding uniting Davy Crockett and Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind
Where: The Backwoods of Tennessee
When: One spring day

The wedding's colors included:
Whiskey Brown
Prairie Yellow
Berry Red
Various Rattlesnake Prints

The groom and groomsmen wore: Coonskin caps
The bridesmaids wore rattle-snake belts - (The same ones Sally Ann used to rescue Davy with)
The bride wore prairie plaid.
The entire wedding party wore rattle snake boots.

The guests dined on:
Alligator Stew- (Courtesy of Mike Fink)
Dumplings - (That could make a bear cry)
Berry Cake - (Foraged by Sally Ann herself)
Each Guest took home a crock of churned butter (Courtesy of the Grizzly Bear)

The guests enjoyed:
Square Dancing (With bears and humans alike)
Smiling Raccoons out of trees
A rousing game of horseshoes
Walnut Cracking (With front teeth of course)

The guests included but were not limited to:
Mike Fink in the form of an alligator
Fellow Prairie Folk (Supporters of Davy Crockett's political campaign)
Sally Ann and her prairie friends (especially Lucy)
The Panthers - especially the Big Eater of the Forest

Sally Ann says of the day, "After freein Davy from the tree, I knew he was something special. When he told me his "heart was bustin" I knew it was high time that I took his calloused hand in marriage. But there ain't nothing I can do with Davy that I couldn't do before. I was tickled pink that the grizzlies made it to the wedding for some square dancing, and even made some apple dumplings in their honor. I also decided to put myself and Mike Fink's differences behind me and invite him to the wedding. I kept a toothpick in my pocket in case he tried any funny business, I would throw him into the muddy swamp. I will slide down rainbows with you any day Davy. Thanks for being my man."

p.s. a special thanks to Davy for freeing the sun for the special day.

"Oh my stars and possum's why not?"

Text taken from: Osborne, Mary Pope. American Tall Tales. New York:1991. Text.