A Concern

I have a concern. It is regarding this period of my life. (For those females my age you may be able to empathize.)
Lately I feel like every conversation, revolves around marriage or relationships:

Who is engaged to who.
Who is dating someone seriously.
Who is talking about marriage with someone.
Who is waiting for a missionary faithfully.
Who is not going to wait for their missionary faithfully.
Who is secretly engaged but it just isn't official yet.(aka no ring)
Who is heartbroken because of a recent break-up.

I admit- in the past I have contributed to these conversations. I have listened and asked questions that are in a large degree related to relationships.
But then I thought about it, and realized it has been awhile since anyone asked me about something other than my past, present and future relationships. So if you are my friend here are some questions you can ask me next time you see me:

How did you feel when you read Pride and Prejudice for the first time?
What is your favorite character on Lost?
If you could taste any color, which one would it be?
What is your favorite memory of ours together?

These topics are interesting too I think. And if you agree with my concern, let your voice be heard.

Let's all find something new to talk about.

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Laura Marie said...

Mandy- I totally agree. We (our close friends) are not in that stage of life yet. And although girls our age are just getting into that phase, i think we should stay way from it while we can. Let's talk about music, movies, and our next camping trip. Hope you can come :)