Wedding Shoot

I was asked to do this shoot earlier this year.
I really like the photographer.
(But next time I will think twice before agreeing to take pictures of myself
that everyone in my town will see.)

I guess I don't really have the attitude for a model.


7upkels said...

Wow, um adorable. Especially the first one, I love your hair. And Miss Mandy, what are you talking about. You'd be perfect for modeling!

Bridgette Balkman said...

You are such a cute model, I have seen those pictures a ton, and I knew it was you (I wasn't sure it was at first)Those dresses look amazing on you too!!

A "cheery" disposition said...

I think these pictures are perfect!!!

Brittany said...


Melissa said...

So cute mandz! I never get sick of looking at these.

ashley said...

i haven't looked at your blog for a while,
but they are absolutely beauitful!
you should be proud to be in the Square.
love you :)

Annie said...

So adorable. You are gorgeous.