Right now at Urban Outfitters you can design your own bike.
I think that is such a cool idea.
Mine is green with blue tires and red rims.
If I had a bike like this, I would ride it to the beach in Hawaii.
And to the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Utah.
And to J.B Williams Park in Connecticut.

I would take it all around the world....


Ela said...

Aw Mandy, I can't tell you how happy I am to *meet* you. If I had your email I'd probably tell you my whole life story, LOL. Did you go to Palmyra for the pageant?

What a fab idea for bikes! I haven't been on one in ages but makes me want to get one :)

I always leave your blog with a nice feeling :)

Anonymous said...

This is so cute and vintage! I love it!

Bryan said...

Brilliant idea! I would ride mine all the way to Connecticut to visit you, obviously.

Leon said...

I dig your blog. It seems like you no how to blog good. ;)

Sweet bike, ps. And sweet photos of said bike, pps.

Kris said...

That's so awesome!

Bambola said...

oh my! How delightful! It's absolutely gorgeous! I would get mine delivered to the small country town when I will live & ride everywhere. I won't need a car because I will have such an adorable bike!

Wish I DID live in a little town & could get my own colourful bike =)

Bambola x

Melissa said...

Love that idea! I took an awesome picture of a bike in park city that had a lepoard print seat. I'll have to email it to you.

Laila Of Course! said...

Oooo! Love the bike. Hm. If I had the time (and devotion) to spend riding my bike wherever, I would take it around the countryside in Virginia, and to the Amish farms in New York, and perhaps on the ferry to Maryland's Chincoteague Islands to see the horses. <3

If you ever get the chance, be sure and stop by my blog and comment! And the photo caption contest is still going on, so submit a caption, even if you already did so.


kate lines said...

such a good idea!

nicole addison said...

oh urban outfitters is the best store..ever..hands down :) they had a 50 percent off sale this weekend and ..well i got my moneys worth :) but i love that bike!