Mi Piace

Little Italy is my favorite place in Boston town.

I imagine Italy is just like it with its cobbled streets and original cafe's.

So if you ever find yourself in Little Italy, do not miss Mike's Pastry.


(I even heard a rumor that they overnight pastries to the White House)

And I totally believe it.

I recommend the chocolate mousse cannoli.



Olivia Rae said...

yummmmm you're making me so hungry. that place looks adorable and so deilcious!

Bryan said...

That is my brother and sister-in-laws favorite place to go. They always take visitors there. I'm glad you discovered it :)

Brittany said...

I'm loving your Boston photos! It's such a beautiful city, right? I'm so jealous of your summer adventures!

7upkels said...

Since we can't go to Mikes Pasteries, lets PLEASE go get cupcakes for real. I bought 12 on Saturday since I was going to visit extended family - and now I am everyone's favorite neice....
But really, an ssc is calling our name :)
ps. saw 500 days of summer and loved it. lets go!