I might break down guys.
I might just do it.
I have wanted this dress for months and months, waiting for it to go on sale.
I look at it every time I get on the internet, hoping that someday it will be mine.
I would wear it with a black headband and red shoes.
Am I pathetic?

p.s. this is the best blog post I have read in awhile.
Huzzah Ashley.

p.p.s thanks for being my friends.


Jessica said...

Don't you dare buy that thing. Remember our budget?! We vowed to each other--no Anthro dresses unless they're on mega-sale! Love ya!:)

Olivia Rae said...

anthropologie!! i have tried it on AND it is everything it looks like it would be. fits beautifully!! i say go for it.

Leon said...

Buy it buy it buy it!!!

Lizzy said...

love it. love it a lot.

ashley lauren said...

love the dress. seriously.
i would say go for it.
but you know, way too well, that you shouldn't take shoppping advice from me!

and you are way too sweet mands.

Thunderroad79 said...

love it but I'd skip the red shoes...

Brittany said...

love it. and i say DO IT. i went to anthropologie yesterday and i fell in love even more.

Cat said...

beautiful dress;
i say wait for the sale.
once i really wanted an urban outfitters dresst that was $70; i waited for a sale, and sure enough, it was bumped down to $29. :)

Kyle and Kaylee said...

Mandy buy it-little things like looking forward to getting a cute dress shipped to you just makes life so much better. Plus now is the time to splurge on clothes. Extra plus how cute would it be to wear around in Hawaii?

7upkels said...

i am split with the advice i should give you.

side A: i dont know how many times i have gotten something and then thanks to my bad luck, it goes on sale a week later.

side B: if you LOVE it that much, then it's worth it. i personally LOVE that dress.

side C: just come shopping with me on friday night and we will find plenty of other cute things to buy :)

jasmine said...

i say go for it! but i also must add that i am a terrrrrible influence when it comes to shopping. but you would look super cute with your black headband and red shoes!!