Right Now

I would like to climb into this painting and hide.
And no one would be able to find me.
And I could dance and sing to an invisible audience,
who always clapped for me.
And there would be no assignments, or mean bosses or loneliness.
Just me and my sashays and my dancing friends,
who always love me and whisper "Good luck" before the big show.
And instead of giving me roses my fans would give me books and fresh peaches and poetry.
And I think I could be really happy there.


Heather said...

Mands, I just want you to know how much I love your blog. Every entry is sooooo good!! How do you do it? I guess I just don't have your creative flare..but thats okay cause I have you instead! :) Anyway, I love Acai Bowls too! I miss you! And I'll give you fresh peaches and books instead of roses if you would like! :) Mitch is the same way, if he asked for any gift, it would be a book. I love you!

Brittany said...

I love Degas. I want to fill a room with his paintings. This is a lovely post. To live in a painting...what a great idea!

Julie said...

...I really think we must be meant to be friends, because Degas is my hands-down favorite. Followed by Renoir, Chagall, and Brian Kershisnik.

7upkels said...

how cute. fresh peaches and poetry. what a delightful pair of gifts. i would prefer forget-me-nots and cummings...and maybe a turkey sandwich :)

and ps. maybe after we take ballet together we can both hide from school and work and be famous ballerinas. i know that everything BUT my life sounds appealing at the moment...

Michelle said...

That's a lovely thought!

Wouldn't that be a wonderful ability? To go and explore the world of a painting?

beautifulllll post!

Lila said...

Mandy my dear,

Thanks for your sweet sweet comments on my blog! (this is my google account, but my blog is the happiest days on wordpress)

It brightens my day, hearing such nice things.

If only jumping into artwork were as simple as Bert makes it seem in Mary Poppins. I might live in Madame Monet & Her Son, I think, but I would definitely visit Degas' dancers every now and again.

Annie said...

Books and fresh peaches and poetry? Degas? Oh, my god. We would get along very well. I wish I could crawl into that painting with you.

Lizzy said...

I think i see you there Mands! In the back.. hugging the pole. Just being a little shy, but you're in there

in company with sparkles said...

I was a dancer for 11 years. One of these prints is on my wall. I look up at the cluster of pointe shoes hanging next to it and miss ballet. There's something magical about dancing well.
Thank you for your lovely comment :)

ms.tandy said...

that sounds absolutely smashing darling♥
i'll be there too.

Ruxandra said...

can i come with you?:)