I had a goodbye party to Hawaii yesterday. 
It was kind of a birthday/farewell adventure and I wanted to do it alone.
So I packed my backpack, and walked to town.

I did everything I love to do here.
I bought Green Apple Hi-chews, Subway, and Cream Soda.
Later I got Malasadas from the cute red van. They are my favorite.

Then I walked to Temple Beach,
I called my sisters, and read Victorian poetry.

I stayed there all day not wanting to leave, ever.
It was such a perfect day.
And even though I feel ready to go sometimes,
My heart felt heavy on the walk home.

I think I'll always love you Hawaii.
Thanks for letting me come and play. 


Kenna Christensen said...

this made me cry :( oh but mandy you will have so much fun coming home! but i am not going to lie, hawaii loooked soooo amazing.

emily said...

hawaii is magical. love the hi chews.

Laura Marie said...

Mands i'm so sorry! But i'm so glad you're coming back! (and I know a part of you is too) Hawaii will always be there for you.

Michelle said...

sounds like the perfect goodbye!

Kris said...

aw... such a pretty place. I hope you can visit again soon!

Lizzy said...

well personally.. I'm just ready for you to come home.

And I've never been to Hawaii or I might have some sympathy for you leaving it :)

Brittany said...

sounds like a wonderful goodbye party. poetry parties are the best, even with just one guest.

welcome back to the mainland {soon}!
don't freeze!

Paula M. Nielson said...

What an amazing day alone on the beach. Wow. Enjoy that time alone. Someday you will look back and cry lots and lots of tears. Especially when you have a house full of kids someday. Love you Mandy!