On Being Me

I have some thoughts today.
The humbling, deep kind.
I walked home in the cold and tears pricked my eyes.
Because I think I really saw myself.
And you know what?
I really love her.
And sometimes I cry because I know that.
And maybe that seems strange,
But to me it is so beautiful I can't help it.
I cried because I saw myself in a new way,
Someone capable of being that person I imagined I would be,
10 years ago when I pictured my life.
I probably didn't picture this crying, humbled, girl in the snow.
I pictured parties, and boys, and easy A's.
But I like this girl a lot better.
And younger self?

You would like her a lot more too.


ashley lauren said...

Mandy. I loved this so much! You are such an inspiration. I like this new girl, so much better too.

You are amazing.

Rachael said...

Everything you write makes me so happy and feel good about life. You are amazing!
So absolutely wonderful.

drewandlacey said...

cool post mands.

Jessica said...

I love you Mands. You've become someone really special, and I'm glad you realize it.

Sheryl said...

i like you.

Michelle said...

yay! Isn't it awesome to be able to step away from the negativity and harshness we often find ourselves judging us? Finally realizing, even if it's only for a little bit, that yeah I am pretty awesome.

Courtney said...

isn't that such a wonderful feeling?

Love Cami. said...

Mandy oh my goodness yes! This summer sweetheart, lets plan this shoot. :D

Bryan said...

beautiful...absolutely beautiful

Anonymous said...

what a lovely way to reflect on yourself :) happy new year to you :) !

Kay said...

i just love how you put this. your writing style is so approachable, just lovely.