"You can change

You can turn your heart around

A brand new start can be found

If you'll only take one step

You can change

Wrap your mistakes in a cocoon

And let them die

And emerge a butterfly

You can change"

These lyrics give me hope.

{photo of me via }


Reginasaurus said...

I adore that picture of you. Sweet, honest post. That's why I love you and your blog. xo

Dev and Laur said...

that picture is stunning, Mandy. Don't do bridals, just use these pictures.

Kay said...

excellent reminder!

Estee said...

woman. i think i saw you on campus today.



Michelle said...

what a beautiful reminder that there is always hope to become better, to become more than what we are right now!

Leon said...

Yep, I like this too, Mandy.

Sheryl said...

like i said...i sing EFY songs in the...