easter gift

Some girls like to receive flowers,
Or chocolate,
Or diamonds.

I like to receive words
(poems particularly).
This was my Easter gift from Kevin,
found beneath my pillow.

(how i know he knows me)


emily said...

i like candy. but i'm really glad kevin knows that you love words. happy easter, lady.

ali said...

what a wonderful boyfriend you have, actually I should say fiance. :)
Chocolate and candy are dandy, but books are better, and much more enjoyable. Happy Easter lady

7upkels said...

have you tried the reeses peanut butter easter eggs? i'd say they could safely rival any poetry book (haha just kidding...kind of).

mandy, i'd love to catch up! this week will definitely work for lunch/dinner/whatever...i know we both have crazy schedules, but lets figure something out!

Sheryl said...


Sheryl said...

thanks darling. i'm all set. you're so busy right now, i'm sure, but you were the first person who came into my mind when i wasn't finding anything. love ya!

Brittany said...

I'm so glad he knows you like that. What a perfect gift for you. I love the original Good Poems. Let me know how you like this one?

communikate. said...

how sweet.

it's the best when they actually get you something that you love!

ashley lauren said...

So adorable. One day, I will meet my Jim Halpert, just like you have met yours.

Congratulations sweetheart.