my space
your space
his space
her space.

(dr. seuss has got nothing on me)

hey kev-friend?

i love thinking about our space.


ali said...

I love the bedroom and I love the office. I cannot wait to see pictures of yours and the soon-to-be hubby's space.

Brittany said...

your space will be lovely, i know it. i love all these beautiful interiors; lately my favorite mags are of the home design variety.

emily said...

our space is really fun. lots of shifting and compromises and sharing. love it.

Ela said...

Mandy, long time no talk! I've missed so much! Congratulations on your engagement, that is amazing and wonderful. I am so happy for you!

Dev and Laur said...

I am really quite sad I didn't get a chance to talk to you last night at B's. I love you and just wanted to tell you I think you are beautiful and I am so happy for you! (this is what I wanted to say in person, so I am saying it here. Next best.)