i just need some time.
not the kind of time when i can do homework and wedding planning,
i just need some time
for me,

to be quiet inside.


Caroline said...

Time is always good for reflecting and appreciating. xo

Anna said...

Feeling overwhelmed?

Hope everything is going okay!

drewandlacey said...

make time for it....... and i should take my own advice

emily said...

i get cha. take a little drive and listen to good music or take a provo summer morning walk without any distractions. i hope you can clear your mind pretty lady.

Cole said...

Such a lovely blog. Hope you found some quiet time. :)
nicole visiting from

Brittany said...

sunshine always helps me when i feel this way. i hope you feel better soon, mandy.

7upkels said...

perhaps sunshine (if the sun decides to come out and actually stay) and a picnic will help?

this week has been pretty insane, but next week will hopefully work? i just took a walk down the provo river trailway the other night and if you go around 8:30 at night, nothing in the world feels better!

Allison said...

I definitely know where you're coming from. I'm having a VERY hectic schedule, and every once in a while I just need to plan a little "Allison time" where I can reflect and relax.

I hope you feel less stressed and find some time to relax!

ashley lauren said...

Evvvveryone needs time. You deserve it lady!