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I was there at 7 this morning, and it did not disappoint.
Fashion at its finest.


Kydan2002 said...

glad I didnt have to be there at 7 am. Pre-sale invite, hehe. Went through everything a week ago, picked out what I wanted, and picked it up three days ago. (got to brag sometimes!) Good stuff though. Did you get your image like you wanted?

Sheryl said...

i wish i had the money. you have the best fashion, seriously.

did you dress up like a cow? oh wait that's just me, for food. :)

Michelle said...

nordstrom's is the best! So I can only guess how awesome their anniversary sale is!

Wednesday works for me, as long as it's after 2. Excited!!

Emma said...

fashion at it's finest indeed. i couldn't go crazy this year but i got a few lovely pieces!!