Corinne's Birthday

Mine and Kevin's friend Corinne's birthday was on the fourth of July. She spent it camping with her family, but Kevin and I wanted to do something for her. We threw this small surprise party together in about 2 hours from start to finish.

We decorated our new apartment with tissue paper flowers I made using this tutorial.
I made a mini version to go on top of her gift.

We made a quick fruit pizza using this recipe. So delicious!

Happy Birthday Corinne!

It proves you don't need a lot of time to throw together a fun party.


drewandlacey said...

your place is cute mands!

---------andy&lauren---------- said...

i love corinne!!!
: )
we worked together at jamba.
haha small world.

Heather said...

Mands!!! I made tissue poofs the other day, and I took a picture of them to show you, because we made them look like pianese flowers and I thought the would look so cute for your wedding!!! haha!

Michelle said...

all you need are some great people for a great party!!

I am totally going to have to try out those tissue paper flowers!