How I met Kevin 2

(first picture taken of us on Wednesday right after the rain storm)

Following our first meeting at the cafeteria table, I sat a few seats away from Kevin at a counselor meeting. He was busy talking to another girl counselor at the meeting and laughing with her the entire time. I felt so hopeless. I wanted to be her so badly. I wanted to sit through boring meetings with him and have thumb wars and make fun of the bow-tie the speaker is wearing and cover my mouth because I am laughing so hard. (Little did I know that this would be my future every Sunday at church for the rest of my life haha).

The next day I woke up and swore I wouldn't think about Kevin, because I thought he liked this other girl. When we were registering the kids into the camp Kevin was dispensing hand sanitizer (swine-flu scare season) and dealing with parents whose kids have health issues. He got hungry and asked me if I felt comfortable taking over his "big job" of dispensing hand sanitizer. I didn't know why I wanted to be mean to him. I guess I just liked him a lot already and realized I shouldn't, so I was a little rude about it. He just smiled at me and told me he "trusted me with this big job." He was flirting with me, but then again he was flirting with everyone, so I hated him. But I loved him too. I had so many mixed feelings about him. Have you ever felt that way about someone? That you liked them so much you hated them?

Later that night as the kids were coming up to bed I saw Kevin in the hall. He asked if I would go tell the girl I thought he liked that he had something for her. She was on my hall so I told her and felt so deflated. I was certain he liked her. (Little did I know it was medication for one of her campers).

The next day at lunch, a swarm of boys rushed up to me and said, "Kevin is saving a seat for you over there." I looked around the crowded cafeteria and saw Kevin waving his hand a little. Immediately I blushed. I walked over and sat next to him and he told me he got me a present. Of course I thought, "Yeah, and every other girl" obviously thinking of the night before with the medication. He had a brownie waiting for me, and underneath the brownie plate was a love note that the kids had written from him to me on a napkin which he knew nothing about. I didn't care. I pretended he wrote it and kept it in my purse to read later.

That night, (Tuesday) was a big dance. I was feeling very under the weather and the humidity in New Hampshire was killing me. Kevin approached me and asked if I felt okay. I shook my head. "Girl problems?" he asked me. I nodded again. Then he told me he could give me some medication and got me some Midol. I had never taken it before, but took it anyway. That night I got sick. Really sick. I am very sensitive to medications and the Midol poisoned my body. I spent most of that night and the next day throwing up in the community bathroom. True love.

The following day I didn't see Kevin all day, and kept looking for him to no avail. It was pouring rain, so that night we walked a couple blocks to the University sports arena where we were going to have a game night. About a half hour into the activity our Session Director told me they needed me outside. One of my girls was having a breakdown.

I went outside in the POURING rain and one of my girls was crying on the steps, because she had some social anxiety. She refused to come inside, so we sat there in the cold, New Hampshire rain. All of a sudden Kevin appeared. He was soaking wet, water running down his face from his hair, and he had the most concerned, loving face I have ever seen. (Just like Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, I promise). All he said was, "How can I help?" He got me an umbrella, my jacket, and I took a walk with this girl around the campus in the pouring and freezing rain.

She asked me if I was in love. I thought about it for awhile and replied that yes, I think I was. (I had only known him three days at this point).

She asked me if I was going to marry him.

I said I hoped so.

Part III to be continued


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She Loves The Color Pink said...

These are so fun to read!

Kristin said...

What an incredibly SWEET story! I love it (and got a little teary eyed too) - what a wonderful beginning! Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

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i was smiling throughout that entire thing. seriously. cutest story ever!

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Awwwwwww! I actually have the biggest grin on my face after reading that!

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I loooove this story!!

This will be great to look back on- and your kids will love it!!!

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Love is the greatest!

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This is so sweet. :)

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bah! chills!

so cute.

sorry about the throwing up part. sad face.

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okay I am LOVING reading these! part 3 please!!!

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I'm in love with your love story. :)