Guilty Pleasure





Blair Waldorf is the reason I love Mondays.
As much as I try to tell myself that Gossip Girl is a major waste of time, I can't help it. I am obsessed with Blair. I realize she is a fictional character, but I still think she is so human, and somehow I relate to her so well.

I recognize that Gossip Girl is highly inappropriate and shamelessly shallow, but as long as Blair is still there, I will continue to watch.


Have a guilty pleasure?
Care to share?


She Loves To Make said...

I've never seen gossip girl but I always love the clothes I see them wearing! My guilty please is so shameful: keeping up with the kardashians. I really need to stop because it is such a waste of time and so ridiculous!

Brittany said...

My #1 nickname, B, actually originated with GG. I adore Blair and her style. I actually swore GG off last winter. I made it through most all of season 3, but gave in with this season's Paris episodes.

I love it too. It's so bad.

andrea said...

i agree. blairs wardrobe is fantastic. im so jealous of it! i have a love/hate relationship with that show because it is very shallow and catty but it is very addicting. when she says, "you know you love me" ugh...it's true..but i do.

Michelle said...

I dragged myself out of the GG world a year or two ago. Buuut I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians? They are so ridiculous, I love it.

At least with GG they have good style... Not sure about all of the Kardashians with their pound of black eyeliner on each eye...

Julie Carol Standley said...

Serena is why i love Mondays... but my current addiction is Tuesday. I'm a gleeK what can i say! :)

July said...

Blair is also why I love Mondays! She is amazing in her character, and her clothes are simply to die for! Gossip Girl is definitely my biggest guilty pleasure right now :)