Shadowbox Project

Last night I finally got around to filling my the shadowbox frames I got as wedding gifts. I registered for them at Target, and you can find my exact frames here.

Because I am on a budget, I decided to fill the frames for free, and Erica's desktop redo inspired me. I went to Vintage Printable where you can print some awesome images for free, and printed two pages of this page. Then I simply cut the butterflies out, arranged them the way I wanted on my page, and added a glue dot to the middle of each one. I also bent the wings in so they looked more 3D which is one of the awesome things about Shadowboxes.

Since I got the frames as a gift, this project was free, but even on a budget you can find Shadowbox frames at almost any thrift store. I hung the frames in my kitchen, and they made me smile when I packed my lunch this morning, and I think that any art that makes you smile is worth hanging in your house.


Kristin said...

Very pretty, simple, and chic Mandy! What a great idea!

Erin said...

Very pretty. And isn't it fun decorating your own home?!

Julie said...

So beautiful :)

Half Dressed said...

These are so pretty! Great idea :)

L x
Half Dressed

L!$@ said...

Simple and so effective :D