This November 8th


I wore my yellow tights to school,
my navy dress as well.
Red lipstick flared off my small lips
And dabbed perfume for smell.

My backpack jostled as I walked
It kind of made me glad
And the bells chimed out above my head
The tones mixed bright and sad.

A mother walking with her child
Passed me on the street,
I loved the way his small legs moved
I loved his tiny feet.

And then I got to class on time
Sat down right at the bell.
I felt so glad to be on this earth,
and that's my show and tell.


Laura said...

love. this is a wonderful life and there are so many things to be thankful for.

Andrea said...

lovely! Now, what I want to know is, what shoes did you wear?! I have a navy dress that I want to wear with yellow tights, but I'm not sure of what foot option to go with! Help a sister out!

annie said...

I love this, and now I definitely want to wear some yellow tights. Beautiful!

7upkels said...

I think this poem is darling, and I love your blogs new look! So pretty. Mandy - let's do yoga tomorrow night??

-------andy&lauren-------- said...

how cute : )

and it is board and batten.
im not too much of a fan of beadboard.
having a house is fun.
BUT alot of work.
and scary when youre alone at night.
haha i'm a wuss.

MyLittlePhotographs said...

what a pretty little poem

sheena said...

love love love your thoughts.

the southern hostess said...

So lovely! Glad I found your blog.

Logan, Christa and Autumn said...

Cute poem. November 8th is my mom's birthday! It's a good day for a good poem.
oh and yes you really did give me a shoe box full of toys for christmas our 9th grade year! and you got Daysha a black note pad with milky pens and then you gave everyone else little cans of shaving gel with a disposable razor. haha That was when we were in Doan's P.E. class together and you Daysha and I were inseperable. We formed TeamTractor for flad football and Jumped on Doan's back during baseball and called her a big cat during volleyball...looking back on it, we were a bit annoying I'm sure. But hey, we had fun! haha

Brittany said...

i love this. some days just deserve bright tights and poems. and i have to tell you how much i enjoyed reading about your different homes. i had no idea you grew up partly in japan! i've said it before, but i really do think you're such a wonderful person.

Jenni said...

Did you write this?!?! I love poetry, and write it myself. Haven't worked up the courage to share it on my blog though! Few people really appreciate poetry!

Anyway, this poem is freakin sweet! I love it!

Mary Facial said...

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