Julie's Shower








My sister-in-law Julie (who is really more like a sister than a sister-in-law) is getting married in a month, and I had the privilege of throwing her bridal shower. It was simple, but wonderful to spend time with family and friends.

Sometimes I think that I would rather have one friend like Julie who would do anything for me than a million friends who are fun and nice. She is a special person, and I feel so lucky to be in her family now. People say that you don't lose a daughter, you gain a son-in-law, you don't lose a sister you gain a brother-in-law, but I think my whole family feels like they gained a sister/daughter too. We love you Julie.


Christa said...

Love the cupcakes!

Ana* said...

those cupcakes look delicious.
I really like your skirt

Diana Smith said...

what a sweet thing you did for her! It looks fabulous! I wish I had a sister in law who was more like a sister! Would be so fun!!

Livy Love

The Pingrees said...

so cute! i love the spidermums you used for your floral arrangements. also, you look adorable!

Jessica said...

oh! such a cute shower mands. I loff it, and i love julie too, we are very lucky. the cupcakes are darling

Anonymous said...

aww congrats to both of you! it's so nice for family to turn into friends :)

Caroline said...

So exciting!! Those cupcakes look delicious!!!!

Autumn said...

What a fun party, lucky to be her :)