Good things


My chairs are done at the upholsterer. So excited to see them.

It is payday, which doesn't really mean much because we save everything we make, but it is still fun to know that, and I usually celebrate a little by buying myself a dessert at lunch or something scandalous like that.

I keep singing Friday, which is awesome because it is Friday today. Fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun.

My sister went to Forever21 in Jordan, and said all of the girls shopping there had full veils with ninja eye slits. She said she doesn't know what they were buying but it was funny. Picturing that keeps making me laugh.

Gosh I love her blog.

Kevin presented his research at a conference yesterday. When I asked him how it went, all he did was tell me how good the food was at the banquet afterwards. So proud of him.

I am getting better at Tiny Wings. Haha! Thanks to Katie and Jeff for hours of mindless distraction.

Someone on my formspring asked, "Do you Love me?" The answer is probably yes.

I'm happy, for no reason really. And that is such a good thing.


Brissa said...

as annoying as it is, friday is one of the catchiest songs that has come out in a while. i love random happy days! have a wonderful weekend and make sure you party and party and yeah!

Julie said...

So excited to see your chairs. And ditto to the max on Brittany's blog. Man alive.

Callie said...

Yea for random happy days! You're wonderful, oh and your earlier post about happy being your new prompt is great. Don't feel peppy or fake for celebrating the happiness you've found in being married, because it truly is a beautiful thing. Great now I sound peppy and fake...oh well! Being married is pretty amazing.

kate said...

i love days like this. when your just happy (i had one when the weather was warm here!) i can't wait to see your chairs!

Brittany said...

Mandy, I'm so flattered. Thank you.

And please post pictures of your new chairs soon! I can't wait to see what you've done with them.