Gotta Get Down on Friday

Something kind of nice is that Fridays occur weekly. They're not like Christmas, which disappointingly only comes once a year and is so fun that every time it is Christmas I feel a lot of pressure to enjoy it to the fullest and get super depressed around 3:00 because it's almost over, and I have to wait for a whole year again. Same with my birthday, which sadly comes around two weeks before Christmas, so all of my fun has to be spent in one month, but people are usually into Christmas and not my birthday so sometimes it gets overlooked which is sad because it is the best day of the year (for me). (Any other whiny Decembers out there?)

But Fridays, they never disappoint. The promise of a shiny weekend, where I can sleep in, and exercise and lounge around playing cards and watching Parks and Rec with Kev until 6:00, wherein we shower and go out on a date, or sometimes just opt for a drive through and more shows and snuggles. I get to see my family, eat my mom's terrific cooking, go shopping, and take long runs down the canyon. (Weather permitting.)

There are a lot of hard things in life and I feel down more than I should, but Fridays remind me that the hard things fill in the gaps of the good things. Fridays and I love each other.


Brissa said...

friday's are definitely the best part of the week. i love the picture you chose, but now it makes me want winter.

Michelle said...

I love everything about this post!

thobeka said...
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thobeka said...

Friday and I also have a great relationship...if it were possible we'd get married. Oh and I'm a complete December whiner (born 19th) and I fight the eternal "I want 2 seperate gifts" fight! :)