I met Sheryl as an EFY camp counselor, the same time I met Kevin. She is a really special person and I don't say that about a lot of people. She is probably one of the strongest individuals I know and has done so much good in this world already. Every time she comes to Utah we go to Jdawgs :) and this weekend we continued our ritual. I always leave inspired and uplifted after meeting with her.

Sheryl and I in July 2010


Sheryl and I this weekend.


And if you really want to see the type of person Sheryl is, you can. She was recently filmed for an lds.org video. Watch it to be inspired by her like I am.


Ana* said...

what a beautiful video!
I wish that someday I can speak with the faith she does

Emma said...

loved this video. i really admire school teachers, their job is not an easy one. she is so inspiring! thanks for sharing.

Lizzy said...

ha! I posted this video on my facebook a few weeks ago because I loved it.. I didn't know you were friends with her! Tell her I think she's neat.

Diana Smith said...

What a great video! She seems like such an awesome person and so friendly!

L!$@ said...

Sheryl's a legend! :D Thanks for sharing her with us :D

mrs. autumn said...

thanks for sharing, I love watching these :)

thobeka said...

A couple of my friends here in South Africa know her! She seems like such an amazing person! :)

Jess said...

Love her video, she seems like such a wonderful person, she is doing awesome work with those children!
Thank you for sharing!