White and Twitter

I was holding out for the white one. Which means I just barely got the iPhone 4 this weekend. Apparently it is .02 millimeters thicker than the black one, which has made for some interesting reading this weekend while looking for a case. I bought the white one because I loved the color, but since I am going to cover it up with a case anyway, and since the cases are more difficult to find, I will probably have to pay more to cover up my phone, so it won't matter if it is white or black inside the case... Awesome. Do you have an iPhone? If so, what case do you use?

Also, because when I got the white iPhone I wanted to tell everyone I know about it, but my contacts weren't loaded in my phone yet, so I decided to join Twitter again. Bad idea? Do you guys twitter? Do you want to be my friend? Maybe we could tweet together. (And maybe someone could show me what I am doing.)

Follow me (or is it friend me?) on twitter here.

Oh, and Kevin took the MCAT on Friday. Sad that it is secondary news almost to my new phone.


kELLO! said...

i wanted the white one, too! but i couldn't wait any longer and gave in :) i use the bumper that they offered for free when the black one came out. i like it because it's simple. yay for tweeting! :)

Half Dressed said...

Ooo I've been thinking of getting the white one!! But... I'm slightly but off because I have a white laptop and honestly the marks show up a ridiculous amount... and I don't want that to happen to my phone. But then I guess a case would solve it... but then I may as well get a black one :S Oh I don't know - it just looks so fab! Following you on twitter :)

L x

Diana Smith said...

I have always wanted the white one, but the black is fine. I have the 3gs phone and I love it so I can't imagine how nice the iphone 4 is!

Diana Smith said...

ps I follow you on twitter now @livylovedesigns

Bridgette Nicole said...

Got a black iPhone a week ago, I wanted white but they didn't know when they were going to get them! hahaha...if only I waited a week more! I found my awesome case on zazzle.com...you can also custom make them on there if you don't like anything you find. The cases are by speck so they are like a clothy type material on the back...I LOVE it! Anyways have fun with the new phone!! :)

Brissa said...

ahh! i'm so jealous! the white phone is so classy. but i suppose it doesn't make a difference seeing as how my black one is all covered up with an otterbox.
that's crazy how you and dan know each other! what a small world.
tell kevin to take you. he just finished the mcat. tell him it's a reward for being so smart. it's a movie you have to see at least once.
and last but not least, @breesah.
let's be tweeter frenz.

Rachael said...

Love the phone Mands! I bet you're relieved to have that test done, I remember I was so happy when it was over for Jonathan. ---now just waiting on scores and applications...good luck!!

Carrie said...

Hello there new friend! I just bought a pillow from you (again) :). Just wanted to say:

1. Congrats on the new phone. Super jealous over here.

2. MCAT! If you ever have a burning need to discuss the med school application process with a complete stranger feel free to email me. My husband is just finishing up his first year and I remember that process all too vividly. Fun fact: applying was way more stressful than the first year of med school for my husband (and me). So good luck!

Alexis Kaye said...

You are beautiful!!!

Kimberly Geneviève said...

How did Kevin do? and yes, I'm following/friending you on twitter!


7upkels said...

you may/may not have converted me to get an iphone. and maybe a twitter.

Matt and Kathryn said...

I also got the white one! The day it came out! :) I LOVE it!! I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I love mine! :)