Project Runway

I tried to be productive this weekend. No really - I did. We got sushi one night, played games with Julie and D.J, had family over for dinner and played tennis. But most of my weekend was consumed with watching the ENTIRE season 7 of Project Runway. (All 14 episodes). I could either feel super embarrassed about the fact that I spent 14 hours in front of my computer, eating Pocky's and in my pajamas, or I could celebrate the incredible artists that awed me through their designs and their production. (I think I'll choose the latter).

I decided if I had to be on one reality show, it would have to be P.R. The skill of the designers both artistically and technically is really inspiring, and although some of the designs were less than inspired, and the winner was my least favorite guy all season (Seth Aaron), I can't wait to go back and watch every past season.

Do you watch it? Want to have a marathon with me?

And if I won this, I would cry happiness tears.


Julie said...

Oh yes. My sister and I go through entire seasons of this on DVD just like that.

Brissa said...

i love this show. my lack of television made me forget all about it. thank you for the reminder. let the viewing begin!!

Kylar said...

Oh my laws I love that show! The designers are amazing

the {Postscript} blog said...

I've only seen commercials for this show and I keep telling myself to get into it! You've motivated me to do this soon, summer is the best for this kind of thing anyway right?

your newest follower,

Brittany said...

I just did the exactly same think like three weeks ago. Love it. My fav is Tim Gunn though.