The Vegas

Last night I returned from a four day business trip to Vegas. I have been there several times throughout High School and College with friends, but never really got the full experience. Those times I was always concerned with money and heat. This time was so different. I had a beautiful hotel room at the Wynn (I will post photos of that tomorrow - totally worth its own post,) the company took us out for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday at the most amazing restaurants, and I met some truly incredible and successful people. If it weren't for Kevin and everyone I love being in Utah, I would have loved staying in that dream of an experience forever.



My breakfast at The Sugar Factory. Crème brûlée crepes with raspberry sorbet. Exquisite.

Largest H&M in the world. Do yourself a favor and go to Vegas just for that H&M.


Shopping spoils.




Rissy said...

hehe I love when people say "the vegas." It always makes me giggle.

I need to go to that H&M, but I'd probably spend my whole trip in Vegas there.

Isn't everything better when someone else picks up the tab? ; )


Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Las Vegas is my favorite! I'm so glad you had a good time, and excited to see the rest of the pictures!

emily said...

LOVE that this post is called "the vegas". oc reference?
glad you had a great time.

Alex said...

I'm going next month and am so excited! But, like your other trips, I will be fretting over money and heat. I'd like to do Vegas like you just did!

Brissa said...

i want your job.