I was asked by the YRead blog (the BYU Bookstore's new blog) to do a guest post on my thoughts on the need for American literature in lieu of the holiday weekend. Although the blog itself is new, it is already an ideal place to visit for people who are booky or people who need to be encouraged to become booky.

American literature is my very favorite genre. Although I enjoyed my British, French and Russian lit classes, there is nothing as fresh or beautiful as American.

I ended up writing something very personal and honest about American literature drawn from my own past and love of books. Feel free to read my post here.

And I hope your fourth of July was as sparkly as mine was.


BYU Bookstore said...

Thanks for your post Mandy, we loved hearing your thoughts and favorites! We look forward to working with you in the future, happy reading!

Brittany said...

Loved your post over there--you're always spot-on with books and reading (and everything else).

Alison said...

I didn't even know that the Bookstore had a blog, but I guess everyone does these days. I could relate to your 7-year old self, I often wondered when I would be "discovered", whether as an actress, model, princess or writer, when I was young too.

Anonymous said...

I want a library like that some day!

Kristin said...

Loved it Mandy! What wonderful thoughts on AmLit and what wonderful memories you brought back through mentioning so many of those books that I had read! You are very gifted with words (which is, of course, why I read your blog!). Hope you had a wonderful 4th!