Red pants

I fell in love with red pants on pinterest. There are so many ways to make them look classy while still being bold with your colors. I also tend to wear a lot of black, white and gray and red is the perfect pop of color for those tops.

The thing is, all of the pants I found everywhere else were super expensive but I found some on Amazon of all places for $23.00. 20. 3. I was worried about the quality but they actually look great and feel pretty good for pants I won't be wearing every day. (I always invest in quality jeans and classics) but for a pair of red pants I will probably wear... every other week at most I thought they were perfect and am considering getting them in Royal Blue as well.


I first ordered the medium which were much too big but the small fit perfectly. They also send you a free gift with every purchase and both of them were hilarious. (Yes I kept the free gift even when I exchanged the size.)

What I'm saying is, if you ever thought like me about investing in a pair of colored jeans early 90's reminiscent that you will eventually give away so you don't want to spend a lot of money, I found the source.

P.s. if someone can fix the images on my blog where I put my about, contact, friends, etc. from not showing up I will bake you a pie. You pick the flavor.

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Brissa said...

i love colored pants! i have a purple pair that i can't wait to break out come fall. your pants + shoe combination looks great. i hope you can fix your images! sometimes they just fix themselves, other times i've had to reinsert images.

lauren valeen said...

SO glad you posted this. I have been so bummed my whole life since i look RE-DIC in red shirts cause my skin has red/pink tones, so ive been searching for red pants..i think i'll try these! thanks girl!

Emma said...

so many different colors!! i love them.

Chelsie Clarke said...

Mandy! What size of pants do you usually wear?

whitney johnson said...

I actually have a pair of red pants that I've had for like 4 years and I'm ashamed to say that sometimes I forget I even have them! Looks like they'll have to be incorporated into tomorrow's outfit... :)