Words of Encouragement

Yesterday I guest blogged at Kristen's blog From Keen. She is so honest in her blog posts and so open about her life - so when she asked me to guest blog for her I knew it had to be an honest, heartfelt post. Most of the other posts were about love, so I knew mine would be about it, but it contains a lot about my past, what was different about mine and Kevin's relationship, and the best dating advice I have.

Visit her blog here if you want to read more - I think you will find it becoming a daily read for you. She is such a beautiful and kind person.

And, happy weekend friends.


Ana Magdalena said...

Interesting, I am off to read it :)

Happy Friday!

Julie said...

Beautiful post Mands, I love it.

Brittany said...

LOVED your words over there. I couldn't agree more and it makes me happy (and hopeful) to know that you've found whole love and happiness.

Jessica said...

Read your mcbloggity on keen. and i liked eet.

jalene said...

you. are. amazing. that was so beautifully written.

i think we both kind of went through a similar relationship before we met our husbands... interesting. :)

Jessica Lynn said...

thank you thank you. I always forget about the heartbreak before the happiness happens for everyone. it gives me hope.