The Glow


I may behind on this bandwagon, but The Glow is definitely my new favorite site. With interviews from some of the most fashionable mom's and children in existence (I am convinced) I check it at least once a day - hoping there is a new feature. Proof that you can have a career, style, and happy children.

Please visit. You could get lost in that site all day.

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Brittany said...

I'm obsessed with The Glow. It's one of my favs too.

Ana Magdalena said...

thanks for introducing me to this website, it looks fantastic.

vintch said...

off to check it out--these pictures are gorgeous:) aah another place to get lost during my lunch break!

Amanda said...

I've never heard of this site before! Thanks for introducing it to me Mandy -- off to see and explore!

Brissa said...

how have i never heard of this before?! it's amazing. thank you.