best day

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We drove at sunrise through the desert,
watching the oranges and pinks blur with our speed
and the heat rise from the sun's arms in this place.
You said you were hungry so I found a place called
The Black Bear Diner
and we came in right before the local rush.
My hair wasn't brushed and we both hadn't showered
and our waitress was Asian and bored.
I ordered the French toast and you had an omelet.
We watched a mother wrestle two young blonde children 
while the father spoke outside on his phone.
You stole a bite of my toast and determined that it was better than yours,
and we both looked up and smiled between bites.
You tipped the bored waitress well and I protested on our walk out
but then you shook your head
and we kissed before putting on our seat belts and resuming our long desert drive.
When she asked me what my favorite day was besides my wedding day
all I could think about was that drive and that stop,
and that prayer of gratitude for our existence
at the way your eyebrows raised when you smiled at me between bites.

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Jess said...

That is such a gorgeous photo!

Catherine said...

love your thoughts and writing, as usual. this is a cute story!!

Brittany said...

This is beautiful.

kate said...

In Gilbert? :)

Melissa Ammon said...

French toast is always better than an omelette, and the best days are the most simple.

Mandy said...

Kate - I wish! Saint George via Vegas. But I might be Gilbert, well Glendale bound soon.

Kelsie said...

Okay, I don't know why but I went on a Mandy blog stalking rampage the other day, and decided 1. I seriously love your blog, even if I didn't know you, I'd adore you and wish we were real life friends. But knowing you makes it so much better! And 2. This. Blog. Post. Is. Amazing. Honest to goodness amazing. Love love love.