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Forgive me if it is a little quiet around here the next two weeks, because I will be traveling for work. The first trip is to Columbus, Ohio and the second to Anaheim, California. I am gone nine out of fourteen days, and feel really apprehensive about being gone so long.

People tell me how great it is that I get to travel for work and I am like - yeah... It's not as though I have any time off except for the late evenings after staff dinners and by then I am so tired that all I want is sleep. Wearing heels all day, submitting marketing proposals, and discussing products is so tiring. No matter how hard the work is though, I feel grateful for the experiences. I love what I do, and I love the people I work with. Everyday is a challenge and everyday I get to write (!). I don't mind living out of a suitcase and eating out for all three meals, but I do miss being with Kev. I picture him being home and eating cereal for every meal and falling asleep without me and it makes me sad. I guess I really love that kid.

I hope to be here in and out, but if not - keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram. (@mvoisin).

Also, thanks to those of you who emailed me about the book club. I think it will make it easier to communicate on an email thread.

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AshCall said...

Congratulations on being an adult. A real, real adult. I am excited and proud of you!