faux graduation


I didn't walk at my graduation. I said I didn't do it because we were getting married around that time and I was stressed but if I were being honest with myself it was really because walking at a graduation felt too official. I loved college. I loved being a student. It has been a little hard to come around to the idea that it is Kevin's turn to go to school now and that it will be my turn again when he is done but I am starting to feel okay about it.

We decided to take pictures even though neither of us walked. We borrowed some robes from great friends, and had my sister in law Julie take the pictures. It took five minutes, and this is the only one I would put in a public place but it was still worth it. "For posterity" I kept telling Kev.

Well kids? Here are your parents not on graduation day. Just dressed in borrowed robes standing in front of the entrance sign. Your mom studied English and your dad studied Neuroscience and we hope you go to BYU too so your education will be subsidized and we can use our money to go on cruises and retire early. 

p.s. Photobucket changed and I hate that site anyway. What do you use to put html photos on your blog? I don't like using the basic uploader since it always changes the size.


Talisha and Mark said...

Congrats on your fake graduation, and on your real one! You look Gorgeous and happy!

Robots in Trouble said...

hahaha! i love this idea. honestly, i don't know if i want to go to my real graduation. ill just be with so many people i hardly know O_O

anyway. congratulations!!!

kate said...

I think it's a great idea to snap some photos! I am going to walk in December because Lando graduates in April and said "I want to take my last final and literally drive out of town" So.... he won't be walking.

(Here is my tip. Resize your photos to 400x600 (ish) and sharpen them up a tiny bit. Then save them as a .png rather than a .jpeg and upload them yourself, once they load click on the photo and change to original size. I think it's the best way to blog nice, crisp photos!)

Heather said...

hahaha--"so we can go on cruises and retire early"--SO TRUE. Mitch and I were talking about that yesterday--we want to pay for our children's education, but sort of on the condition that they go to BYU where it is so cheap. :)
Love you Mands, tell Kev congrats on graduating. Someone in the singles ward that we go to is going to Kevin's school next year as well.

Brissa said...

(don't hate me)
i saw you.
taking pictures.
i saw you and i didn't say hi.
i'm just awkward.

Katie said...

you look hot in a cap and gowns mans ;)

Brittany said...

It's only about the photos anyway. You two look great--congrats!

bridget anne said...

well congratulations anyway! you'll get back to it soon enough...and even if you loved college -- i did too! -- i think you'll appreciate the little break even more than you might imagine. xo.