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A year and a half ago (roughly) I started a book club. They still meet every month, and it has become such a great group of girls. I've come to love each one of them and look forward so much to meeting them on my visits to Utah. It was a funny thing to do at the time, but I am so happy I put myself out there and made it happen. I have a similar strange request project now, but it's something I have wanted to do for awhile, and think it's time to make it happen.

I'm looking for a Pen Pal. Someone who wants to write letters - hand written back and forth, a few times a month. I'd prefer it to be someone I don't know in person, but if you are really interested and I know you, I'm willing to entertain the idea. I am looking for a kindred spirit - and I think if you know what that means you are perfect for the project.

I'd like to write letters  about everything - our feelings, our daily lives, but also books we love, quotes we found, snippets of inspiration we have discovered. In this way I hope to be more aware of the beauty I see, and express myself in a new medium.

I realize this is a strange thing (and I guarantee my sisters will make fun of me) but I want to be able to write letters to someone who I don't see or talk to all the time as a form of exercise in life, and also friendship.

If you are interested, send me an email - mandy(.)madson(@)gmail(.)com, and comment below.  And since I can't write to everyone, for anyone else who is interested, I'll set you up with another Pen Pal who wants to do the same. 

Thanks for humoring me. 

P.s. if you want to join the book club, it's not too late. Let me know and I'll hook you up with someone in the club.

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Cassidy Wadsworth said...

I'd be interested in this; writing letters is fun!

Thunderroad79 said...

You don't know me, but I would definitely like to trade letters. I, too, am constantly in search of a kindred spirit....It's not strange at all - think it is great you reached out this way. You can reach me at erinms23@yahoo.com

Erin :)

Chantel said...

Yes, I would totally do that! Kindred spirits. Like Anne of Green Gables. Telling secrets but without the vulnerability because we don't know each other.

Amy said...

So interesting. I have to admit that I kind of love this. I'd love to pen pal with you or anyone else interested! Will follow up with an email.

Monica Lunardelli said...

I find the idea unexpectedly fun. Just sent you an email.

Rhiannon Andrews said...

I realize you initially wrote this post two months ago, but I'm very interested in having a pen pal. I had a brief (and randomly selected through my school) pen pal in another state and enjoyed the experiences we shared together though we may not have met any other way. I'll shoot you an email, if you're still interested in helping the rest of us find a pen pal. :]