We decided to extend our trip a little longer and spent four days in Paris. We got the Paris museum pass which I highly recommend and got lost in the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Rodin (my favorite!) and L'Orangerie. We also went to Versailles for one day and rode bikes and picnicked through the gardens. Luxembourg Gardens were phenomenal as well, and we felt like the line to get to the top of Notre Dame was worth it for the gargoyles. My sister Melissa went to Paris for a week in the spring and had so many good recommendations for us.

The food was nothing compared to Italy (we must have hit the wrong places) but the atmosphere and the weather and the beauty of the city made up for it. At one point I asked Kevin if he was wearing cologne. We were walking through Jardin des Tuileries and he said, "No -  It's just the city of Paris."

Bike rides and picnics through Versailles

Our farewell view of Champs Elysees from the Arc de Triomphe

Four days wasn't long enough. I'm already planning our next trip back.


Brittany said...

Oh. I love Paris. It's the worst cliche out there, but Paris really is magic. There is no place like it. (I'm sure there's no place like Italy either, but I haven't been there yet.) I wish I could have thrown a couple of restaurant recommendations your way--a couple of the best meals of my life happened in Paris.

But it looks like you did it right, regardless. That view from the Arc de Triomphe is the best in the city, isn't it? And Musee Rodin was my favorite too.

So happy you got to do this trip. It seems like an absolute dream.

Aubrey said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful city! So glad you got to go.

karly from [kar[+]wade] said...

you're beautiful, and that looks like blast! One day, I will go there! I have to!


nadya malik said...

what a beautiful picture. I wish one day I will go there