Socio- Rules of Amor

There is this theory we have created. (We being me and my other half - Elizabeth, aka Lizzie Cosper.) There are three groups of people in this society. I cannot say world, because that is a variable so large I do not wish to attempt*. However, in this society - America, Utah, BYU, whatever you choose - there are three groups of people who relate differently in the ways of love. I will attempt to explain this thesis.

The first group are the ones who are different, and do not care. They may like anime, or Russian literature, and may have bug collections and/or fingernail clipping collections. The point is - they are naturally drawn to those like themselves. Outsiders if you will. They will also grow old happy and content to discuss Star Trek and/or underwater basket weaving.

The third group, (we will come back to the second), are God's gift to mankind. And one another. They enjoy spending Daddy's money, looking great in a size 2 bathing suits, and golfing at the nearby country club. They are well fed, well bred, and well read. They are immediately drawn to one another and one another's equally stunning accomplishments: perfect hair, eyes, bodies, and overall, general perfectness. They may or may not grow old happily, but will eventually marry and spend their trust funds on vacations to Crete and Range Rovers with silver rims.

The second group are, sadly, most of the human race. We may not love Star Trek, but may still enjoy Harry Potter, Scrabble, and the occasional splurge at Buckle. We may or may not be extremely smart, wealthy, nerdy, good looking, or talented. However, we may have great personalities, and may be talented in some activities such as badminton, and Egyptian War. The plight of the seconders is, that unlike the first and third parties, we are not united. We do not want the firsts. We however, all want the thirds. Who, not suprisingly, do not want us. We are then forced to wed one another. Unless true love is acheived, we may marry wishing we could get a third, or we may never wed because we refuse not to marry a third. Although this scale may be exaggerated, it is somewhat factual.

Advice to fellow seconders: Third is not always the best.

*Not to mention, there are still arranged marriages in some places like Arabia


Lizzy said...

I do take credit for this theory, but Mands you describe it better than i could. Well put.

Dani Lou said...

I'm holding out for an arranged marriage.