My ABC's

A - Alpine. Not born and raised, but partially raised.
B - Books. Bible. Book of Mormon.
C - Christmas. I cry everyday on the 26th before getting out of bed.
D - Drawing, Painting, Sketching, etc.
E - Elaborate plans I make in my head.
F - Flying. I dream about doing it every night.
G - Google - I use this pretty little tool everyday.
H - Hugs or Kisses? Hmm.... Hugs and Kisses.
I - Imagination. It is both a blessing and a curse.
J - Jocks? Nah.
K - Kit. My most commonly used K word in scrabble.
L - Little Women. Chronologically I'm Beth, but I am Jo at heart.
M - Mandy Madson.
N - New stuff. I like to shop.
O - Only my best friends really know me.
P - Popcorn. My one true love.
Q - Quilting was not fun the one time I attempted to do it.
R - Running, Rain, Reading, Rock and Roll
S - Snow. Snowboarding. Skiing.
T - Thoreau or Emerson? e.e. Cummings.
U - Underwear. I once spent $140 on it at one time. I like it.
V - Vision. I have bad eyesight. But I still have vision.
W - Warts, Weirdo's, and Weddings freak me out.
X - X-tremely into spelling things correctly.
Y - Young. And in love. With the idea of being in love.
Z - Zzzzz Sleeping. Was invented for me.

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