Germany: Love, Friendship and Tom

I have a friend. His name is Tom. He is a very special kind of friend because he is very far away. He lives in Germany with his family and likes to come visit me in America and teach me German words and go to Lake Powell. And I miss him. That's all.


Jeff said...

I'm not sure we ever talked about this, but I also have a very special German named Heidi. She lived with my family for a year as an exchange student, and I lived with her outside Frankfurt for about a week when I spent a month in Germany after my junior year in High School. Viel Spass!

Mandy said...

Did you really Jeff? Tom wasn't exactly my exchange student but he was my favorite cousin Stefan's exchange student so we were together all of the time. Thanks for reading the blog too by the way :) Ha ha

tom said...

Mands, thanks so much for that. I know we haven't talked for almost half a year, but I think that was best for me. I just had to get my mind off some stuff. Anyways, we'll have to talk soon. .I'm even thinking about coming utah soon. Maybe in winter, maybe around march just like last year. I hope you'll be around then. Love, Tom